Thursday, December 13, 2012

Important Dates

The kids only have five more days of school. 

10 more days til the Pfister girls sleep over!  

There are only 12 more days til Christmas

 Only 13 more days til we go to Ala-freaking-bama!  (for two weeks!!!!!!)

16 more days til Jason's birthday

19 more days til the end of 2012 that right? someone check my math

the kids don't back to school til Jan 14th.
That is going to feel like a lifetime away.

Made a direct call to the North Pole today to talk to Santa.   He is ready.

Moms have special powers like that. 

Good thing too cause Christmas is coming!

This is one of my favorite conference talks.  Elder Holland rocks.  

Special thanks to our Christmas elves who left us goodies on the doorstep.

We have lots of elves and angels watching out for us this year.

I'm praying that you all get double blessings for it.

Merry Christmas!


christy said...

Hope to see you in Dothan!

Heather said...

Yay for a trip to AL!

Nancy Jo said...

Can't wait for you to come!!!!