Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Cheer

In case you didn't get enough mustache pictures of us, here are some individual shots

Ivy was not a willing participant if ya can't tell.

We have watched Elf 3 times.

Listened to tons and tons of Christmas music.

The kids love getting ding donged ditched every night by our secret 12 days of Christmas elves.
They talk and plan every day how they are going to catch them so I hope they are speedy.
A few times Luke and Darby will just hang out by the door for hours around dinner just in case.
Or Darby will peek out a sliver of the curtain.
But we haven't seen anything else.
Maybe they have a remote control for our doorbell? 
or our using an invisibility cloak?

We got invited to make gingerbread trees (with real gingerbread!)
and the kids loved and I I just loved to chill with the ladies.

We made a trip to the Goodwill today to beef up our winter wear
cause us California weenies have no warm clothes.
I love the goodwill...have since high school.
Got a $4 jacket for Baylie. 
Darby is also loving having her own bike (also goodwill)
on the hunt for luke next. 

Paisley is always cute Paisley.

I'm going to pack up some Paparazzi to bring to Alabama.
unless i run out of room in my luggage
the kids are counting down til Christmas but
I am counting down til we are bama-bound.

excited to hear the beautiful music at church tomorrow
and baylie is giving a talk.
She also told me and Christie today she loves her own laugh.
It is a good one, a machine gun like her momma and gpa.

Luke has been playing football.
And getting as many cuts and scraps it seems in the off time

We rearranged all the kids rooms so they feel new and fresh.
What wonders furniture arrangement can do.

The kids are out of school for three weeks and one day.
Yahoo! No homework and no morning rush!

One last picture from Dallas's baptism, me and lindsey's kids. 

and my christmas photographer...hotly modeling the mustache as well.


RachelAA said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :)

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

my kids were laughing so hard at those pictures.

Amber said...

That first one of Ivy is AWESOME!

Nancy Jo said...

I think these are my favorite pictures of your family! Priceless! Great pictures Becky!

Erin said...

Oh man, we all got a good laugh with those... So funny. Jason looks like Dad when he had that same mustache in the 70's