Monday, November 19, 2012

kid stuff

here is a picture of Nana and Grandpa by Baylie

Here is a picture of Nana by Paisley

This is Grandpa Dalton by Paisley

I finally finished this book.  The blue Relief Society book. 

It was great, felt more connected to the sisters who have lived before us.
Great stories about these women rallied together and pulled together through hardships.
loved it.
Glad I finally finished it.  Will read it again. 

I found this note from Darby to Baylie by 'the window' 
if you know my house you know thats their coloring spot
the window seat and usually full of paper and coloring supplies.
cluttered.  they are artists afterall. 
pretty cute note. 


Lindsey said...

Cute note of Darby's! What a sweetie!! That's so cool you read that book. I don't even have a copy! Love the picts for Nana and Grandpa too! They have got good writing and artsy genes from you!!

Crazy Lady said...

its the leftover genes linds :)

we can't all be skinny lifeguarding RN pilots :)

Nancy Jo said...

Is Grandpa Dalton walking on water? Wow! He kind of looks like me, don't you think? LOVED the PICTURES! Sweet note of Darby's! Love your kids & can't wait to see them!