Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Friday

Wahooo is Friday and Wahoo Halloween is over!  If only the decorations would put away themselves....hmmm.

We had our six week no job anniversary and still trucking.
Two nights ago I got out my journal, yes to actually hand write in, something I reserve for more personal stories (or bragging ones about my kids!) because I had the feeling I needed to write down all the good stuff that has happened to us in the last six weeks.  I only write in an actual journal maybe like 3 times a year.

So I look over as I'm writing and Jason is messing on his phone (oh you fancy smart phone people!) and I asked him a question.  Well turns out we were both writing lists of the same thing at the same time...but he was on his phone.  Well I thought that was pretty neat.  Also so important because I know memories fade.

My list got to twenty.  And it was significant and substantial.  Like real stuff.  Not like so and so smiled at me today or I ate a brownie.  Like real, help for our family and love.  We are not alone and we feel it.  Too special to us to mention on a blog but if you pull me aside when I see you I will tell you. Thank you, you know who you all are. 

A few big things that happened is when someone has reached out to us and we have thought to reach out to other people who have gone through the same thing.  This has been invaluable, like direction and perspective changing.  And humbling. 

All last week and the beginning of this week I feel like I have been close to tears all the time.  Not necessarily for bad reasons but we are there too lady!, but just because I have so many mixed emotions.  But this week my prayers have changed.  I still am praying for Jason to get a good job that will be good for our family.  But now I'm praying that we will learn what we need to learn, that we will make it the duration and that we will be willing with whatever is next.  And I feel better for it.  In the beginning I was just holding on so tightly that nothing would change and that this better be quick or else!  Now I've taking a chill pill and busted out the dry milk.

This week also I almost took another job but then didn't feel good about it.  And then had my first outside my house Paparazzi show and have a bunch more lined up.  

Did you know long windedness is a talent?  So is super chattiness.

this morning when I was at sitting in my car while the teenagers were in early morning seminary and I was vowing never to do that again, I had the thought about in the Book of Mormon there are a few times mentioned that the Lord does something 'for a wise purpose, which purpose we know not."  And it just made think, everything he does is for a wise purpose.  Every single thing.  So...then I reeled in the crazy thoughts I had that maybe this time was for Jason to learn all about being at home cause I might die, than I worried that he might die, but then when I came back to reality, I realized what a comfort to know that His purposes are wise and He is shaping our lives, no matter what circumstances we may be in and one day we may say, remember that one crazy year...or years...that really made us who we are and really changed us.

Tonite, we are having an inside date...watching a movie, and no talk about money, planning or anything else that requires brainpower allowed.  Good thing we have five buckets of candy to pillage!

ps.  and yes I'm kinda sick of this unemployment subject so i'll try to change the subject! Like Hurricane Sandy!  Oh man!

And three cheers for the Batter family who still have no power on the east coast!  What troopers!


brandon said...

We enjoy your blogs

Beth said...

We are having an inside date too!!!! We're getting good at those ;). Loving your posts and inspiring words. You're a rock star. Seriously.

RachelAA said...

I love going on the journey within your mind (well that of which you share aloud) because I can relate to so much of it. The mixed emotions can be a rollercoaster for sure. Way to go - you're doing a fabulous job.

Susannah said...

Hang in there, sweet girl! Prayers for your whole family.

Tanya said...

you are amazing!! We should get together! Like our whole families!! We could bring the Pizza (from costco)anyway, send me dates!! xoxoxoxo