Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 4

Well, first Monday Jason being home.  
Shhh...I probably shouldn't say this...but if this all works out (ya know like we don't lose our house) than the whole experience might even be fun.  When does Dad get to pick ya up from school?  Or read books during the day? Like a big experiment to see what its like when the person we have been dreaming about having around more, actually is.  And its going to be an interesting tango having us both in the house during the day. 
So far I'm trying to stay out of the way.
Resumes, bill paying, lots of lists.  Bouncing off ideas and leads.  
How much do you want to know about this?
How much do I tell?  
But really I can't pretend like its not happening because this is our reality at the moment.
As Jason says, we have been scared into austerity, even if he landed a new job tomorrow.  This is a good wake up call and better now than later.   
Here's the deal, its kinda good for us.  Like maybe a lot.  Freezing funds, making do with what we have.  Trusting that it will all work out. 
Also, our prayers are definitely more full of feeling.  The kids are in on the family goals too, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Two family prayers Morning and Nite, personal prayers, all praying for dad to find a job that is good for our family....Thats a lot of prayers and personally I think kids work a lot better than ours, they are probably better connected to heaven.
Have so many thoughts.  But the big one is that the Lord knows the end of this and that gives me comfort.  And no we don't plan on moving or doing anything that drastic, unless that is part of the plan but pretty much I'd have to get hit on the head to let me know. 
Thankfully we are pretty low maintenance financially.  Or at least compared to some.   No preschool right now, nothing extra curricular besides piano.   Just gotta keep health insurance current, that is a priority.  

Ya know I would much rather be not buying a new thing ever again than having my children be sick or much worse. Have u heard that saying how if we could choose challenges or trials we would choose our own over what other people are going through. That's how I feel.

But on to good news....

I'm still getting tomatoes from my garden, see that ended up being a pretty dang good idea.

Chickens would have come in handy now too.  One day I tell you.  I might have to build the coop myself. 

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Beth said...

Okay, another thing that helps me when we are on a spending freeze is the idea of "going green" or not wasting. Since we've been on a tighter budget I'm super surprised at how much I wasted before. Whether it's food, toys, clothes, etc.. It actually feels good to try not to waste and use what you have. Good job mama. You can start a budget blog post series. It would be good.