Monday, August 20, 2012

Zuma with McCoys

Thanks to Amberli I have some pictures of our McCoy trip to Zuma beach.  Brandon and Cori and their kids came, Rob and Erin and their kids, Darek and Amberli and their kids and Amanda and Garlan and their sweet girl came too...and of course us.  

Everyone staggered their arrival to LA and we wished it could be longer, it was less than 24 hours we were all together, but glad that Amanda and Garlan stayed longer so we still get some family here.

As I type this Jason, Garlan and Amanda are at six flags and I'm babysitting little Emma. 
She is almost five months old.   She is so sweet and I loved seeing her and baby Kennedy, and the big ones are pretty cool too! It was pretty funny to see Ivy checking out her tiny cousins, they were so pristine and she was covered in sand and whatever she was eating. 

 Plus Jason and I got to boogie board (Luke always does) and Darby did a ton too.
Jason and his brothers and Reagan and Cannon got thrashed by the waves a bit. 
Definitely needs to be a yearly tradition. 

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Nancy Jo said...

Love all the kids pictures! Looks like fun! ivy is getting so old!