Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 in school

Darby the second grader.  She said her teacher is not strict (what her brother had told her) and thought first day of school was so so.  She doesn't doesn't have her good girlfriends in her class, I'm just so glad this one boy is in there because his mom is super on top of it and I like them. 
  Yes I let her wear lipstick.  And I curled her hair cause she did not want braids.

Baylie was the most excited for school and she loooved it.  Said it was kinda like preschool.  The only thing new she is wearing is her shoes...cause we know that headband isn't!   She said she made friends and shared her towel for her nap with a girl who hadn't brought hers.  She said, "Mom, I got in teensy weensy trouble today.  I wasn't following the rules and was talking."  Oh man, at least she is comfortable.  We looove her kindergarten teacher and it is so awesome feeling like I'm leaving her with a friend. 

All the school age kids.

 Luke wore those shorts yesterday, slept in them and then wore them for the first day.  But the shirt is new.  Newly buzzed hair for school.  He was mad that he got a lot of homework on the first day but was really glad their aren't any trouble makers in his class.  I hate that word, trouble maker...whats better?  Kids who get in trouble a lot.  thats better.

Luke is in his third split class (always with older kids) in four years and I'm not really happy about it.   At first I was livid.  But I get pretty emotional the first days (fired up easily) so I'm trying to keep it cool and see how it goes).  His teacher is known for being 'a yeller' , but because its a split there aren't any kids with major behavior issues and he loves that.  But he sees all those kids at recess and lunch so don't know how much it helps.  He doesn't want me to say anything and try and change it.  He was excited to be with the older kids so he could hang out with his sixth grade friend who I like.  ahhhh, parenting is so hard!  Its so hard to know what to do.  here's what I learned the last few years though is that what at first may appear not pleasing, might be really good in the end.  I'm hoping so.  

I am comforted in that Jason's gave all the kids priesthood blessings before school started and I'm going to get one from him too. 

 Baylie showing off her backpack!

Paisley and Ivy were so excited to come see the excitement at school.  

Let me tell you, it was a bit hectic trying to make sure all three were in the right lines, found where they were supposed to go, checking out who was with them...Jason was with us but two adults and three kids was tricky.  Thankfully we know the school, they were comfortable and just had to basically hope Luke got where he needed to be (which he did).  Baylie is a bit smaller that the other girls in her class, its the genes I tell you!  But she sure is full of confidence and spunk!  Genes as well? I didn't tear up for half a second leaving her there, not because I don't love her, but I'm just fine with it and so is she. 

okay, well it was super weird but very nice being with Paisley and Ivy, there was no Darby to ask to help watch them when I wanted to clean or cook something so I basically did nothing but play and wonder how this year is going to go.   Paisley took a longer nap than Ivy (I squeezed in a little one too, hallelujah!) and we went to the library for a few minutes (only have a 90 cent fine, yes!)

It sure is hot to be in school, gotta start on dinner soon!  Corn dogs tonite!

after dinner note:  the best thing about the first day of school is that they want to talk so much when they get home.  that fades fast.  but today, everyone was clamoring to tell me something.  i loved it, and then they did the same with Jason.  we will have to compare notes.  

oh yes and i don't made them wear skirts, they wanted to. maybe i should keep a skirt tally. 


Alvhild Evans said...

Awww! I LOVE all the pictures!! Luke and Darby are getting to look like teenagers! I loved Darby's hair and Baylie looks super cute and so excited!

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the first day of school! It made me feel the excitement of the kids. Baylie is like a mini-me of you : ) Four more years and you will have all 5 in school. That is when you can finally take a breath. Enjoy Ivy & Paisley! Glad things went well. They all looked adorable - except Luke who looked awesome!

Maria said...

I seriously love your blue door!

Lindsey said...

Very cute first day pictures! Glad it all went well!!

Maria said...

Oh and the kids are adorable but you already know that :)

embot said...

cute, cute!! love that luke wore his shorts to bed and then school. he and owen are seriously soul brothers.

Chris Garff said...

I can't believe how old Darby looks--they are all darling. I"m glad Baylie loves school.

Tanya said...

so cute!! 3 in school is kind of awesome...I could see only having 2 during the day could be seriously boys don't bother helping me take care of the little ones unless i MAKE them and I often do :D

RachelAA said...

They really do naps???