Friday, August 10, 2012

Teenager fun

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having cute Sophie at my house, who is 15 and so cool and pretty and whom I've known for a long time.

Well, I told her about a promise I'd given another favorite 15 year old I know, Christie about putting together a list of 52 fun things to do.  So she came up with this awesome list of 20!  The hot tip was that all these activities are much more fun 'with boys.'

I feel like we had a lot of fun as teenagers and the most fun were usually the most creative.
Here's a few I remember.  And yes they all included boys.
1.  Weekday super club.  Rotating houses, potluck. with themes... this is one of my best memories.
2. Rollerskating, one of the best dates I ever went on thank you Clay wherever you are!
3. Driving to Montgomery to go ice skating (90 minutes away).  I think this was especially more fun cause we didn't tell our parents we did this, but maybe we did, I can't remember.  Yes my kids will have to do a lot of do as I say and not as our mother did in their life.  Sigh of regret.
4.  Shucking oysters...I miss raw oysters.
5.  Sardines

okay thats all I can remember for now but please add to the list.  I need 52! 

I just saw some awesome thing on pinterest where they did twister with matching paint on each circle, that goes on the list!  So does shaving cream slip n slides!

Its Friday, wahoo!  Here's to a squeezing in some fun into the weekend!

And shout out to my other favorite 15 year old my niece Mackenzie who will be visiting next week!  Here's to fun at 15! 


RachelAA said...

Some would be great for adult couple nights, too!

christy said...

Ice blocking, mud volleyball, photo scav hunts, karaoke, just dance, pretend shop try on things take pics, doing a haunted house for the primary ours was so cool in Monterey, kidnap friends for a date night or surprise party, snipe hunting lol, water balloon volleyball or just get a launcher and aim at tarps on a field with point value, they do flour sack wars in Utah too, we had youth super Saturday's in md where a few stakes got together and you rotated thru cool activities all day like human fooshall etc, rent a limo and cruise the kids want to do that lol

Amber said...

I'll never forget the video scavenger hunt we did. Doing jumping jacks outside the window of a restaurant with the patrons looking t you like you're crazy :)

Maria said...

Scavenger hunt in a crowded public place--list of things to find and take a picture. Our students in France LOVED this.

mlauricella said...

we played LOADS of games... Mafia-card game, Dots-at night game similar to kick the can, Capture the flag-at night always had an adult cuz cops inevitably showed up, Cops and robbers-on foot/in car in the day in the neighborhood, spoons-card game with spoons, city/video scavenger hunt-more of a to do and well known places pics required, heart attacks, bigger or better-knock on doors trading for bigger or better items, we did a hair dye night, movie nights at someones house, hats all i can think of for now.

Becky said...

strapping tape game.