Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My brain ping pongs back and forth between pure elation that this summer will be over in one week exactly and complete dread that school doesn't mean 'easier'.  I've been having a good old pity party this week cause its all just been alot for me.  Alot of good. Alot of not so good.  Alot of noise.  Screaming, yelling, laughing, crying.   Alot of kiddos who need me.   Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, cleaning.  Cleaning always and never being on top of it.  Missing family.   But this summer is ending no matter what I think. It seems like its unraveling at warp speed and yet the days can be slower than mold..

So for no good reason whatsoever here is my pro and con list to the end of summer. 

1.  5 - 3 = 2 at home from 8:40 to 3:15
2.  A cleaner least for a few hours
3. resume eating bon bons...wait, so I'm like with the most active two? Crap, that goes out the door, maybe I'll just have to eat them lightening speed or one handed while chasing two littlest.
4.  Schedule.  Those are supposed to be good for you right?
5.  Might find where I've put my mind, cause I've lost it for sure
6.   Quality time with P and I
7.  Eat better, the summer is baaad for my waistline.  Ironic since I've been in a swimsuit a ton.
8.  Volunteering in the classroom.
9.  Start back with piano lessons. 
10.  Hot lunches from school I don't have to make. 
11.  Naptime resumed. 
12.  Errands.  Errands are much easier with 2 then 5
13.  Free bootcamp and zumba at church.  Much easier with 2 then 5
14.  DAY LIGHT SAVINGS IS COMING!  When darkness tricks your kids into early bedtimes!
15.  Football season
16.  Its really cute to see how much P & I miss and love their siblings at school and vice versa.  Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder...

1.  no more carpool!  NO MORE CARPOOL!  WHAT?  I'm like supposed to pick up my kids everyday.  Bless the random official personnel who denied me changing schools last year so I could carpool with Amber one more year.   It was so necessary, I'm going to tear up already.  So meant to be since two families moved their too and serious, it was so good.  (ps.  I have too many kids this year to carpool with anyone unless we get a bus, but I can still take 2 cause mine can fit 8, Anyone?  Anyone?)
2.  5-3 = 2...and I'm sorta attached to those other 3, I'm gonna miss them
3.  the morning rush...or moms daily freak out.  Jason loves this about me....insert sarcasm.  So hard to get out the door, fed, brushed teeth, papers together, lunch made, scriptures read, family prayer....its a mad rush. I'm sure some smart person could think of a better way, but hey, no claims here!
4.  Homework, its lame.  Kids hate it too.
5.  Finding babysitters so I can volunteer in the classroom.
6.   Schedule.  Rigid.  Constricting.....
7.  No more sleeping in to 7:30 a.m.
8.  Lunches
9.   Closed toe shoes.  (I should never be in school administration, I'd change it all, ALL!)
10.  Daylight savings is coming, we are going to miss you late nites.
11.  Waking up Darby.  Oh man, that girl is hard to wake.  
12.  School projects.  This will be giant juggling act for me this year.  Who has to memorize what, reports...I know Luke has to make a mission this year.  Please, no more puppets!!!!

"Whats a good thing about starting school guys?"
Luke "Nothing"

Oh good, well, guess they aren't sick of me yet.  Or just are free spirits like their mama.

OH wait, the girls are different.  

Darby says she can't wait to start school and I bet Baylie would say the same thing.

I can't wait to find out who their teachers will be.

I keep telling Baylie if she does (insert tongue sticking out, sassy mouth, fit throwing, whacking siblings) then she will go to the principals office.   We shall see.  My kids are usually really good at school for the first month or two, until they get more comfortable.  She is super excited to wear her new Hello Kitty backpack.


Phillips Family said...

My pro and con list would be pretty similar to yours! Ready or we go!

Alvhild Evans said...

bahaha! Brooke you make me look forward to having children :-P

p.s. you are my hero! i don't know how you do it all

Crazy Lady said...

haha thats why they come one at a time as cute little babies, its a trick I tell you!

christy said...

Lol! I feel the same way but mine are all in school so in some ways it's nice but a little lonely at times but they definitely need to go. Mine don't start till sept 5 . School doesn't end till mid July here. I hate the busy mornings but mostly homework and projects! Mine are getting older and I really don't know the answers. We have to use google. Lol

Nancy Jo said...

Crazy times! It's nice to get back to a routine, but miss the more laid back family time. I miss seeing all your kiddies! We need to facetime!!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I really think I could copy and paste your post onto my blog. I've been having the same thoughts. This is the first time that Camry will be gone all day and that makes me sad. But happy to get back on a better schedule too.

Becky said...

totally agree on your pros and cons list. Especially Daylight Savings!!