Monday, June 11, 2012

Utah or Bust

We are back.  From a wonderfully amazing exhausting trip.  I wrote a long post while I was up at Courtneys one nite and dang it it got was so good you would have cried.  Okay maybe not but I was feeling very sappy and sentimental about all the things we got to see and do on our trip.  So much family and thats the best part.

Do you have random things engrained in your brain?  Well something I have engrained from looking at too many resumes a very long time ago is.... starting each point with an action verb.  So here is our trip in action verb point form.  For my personal amusement.  Action verb as a lose term by the way.  To amuse myself further I'll try not to repeat.  Cra-hey-zy I know. 

California to Utah Roadtip June 2012

Packed up and headed out Friday morning.
Took the kids out of school for six days.
Lunched in Vegas with baby Kennedy and her brothers thanks to Amberli.
Dined at Dairy Queen with the Kirbys and saw their growing empire, literally
Stayed in Bountiful at my grandpa Dalton's house and went down memory lane
Witnessed my brother's marriage to Avi, so beautiful.
Enjoyed eating at Lion House and catching up with old friends and family after the wedding
Saw my great Aunt Margaret and great Aunt Linda and their children, Hanni and Nance families
Ate at my Aunt Pam and Uncle Ben's with all their children and grandchildren
Bombarded Courtney with our presence for the second half the week
Played at the Church History Museum with Alison, that place is cool. 
Wandered Hogle Zoo with my sisters, mom and Tanner cousins...along with a bunch of kids
Purchased some Bear stuff at the boyscout store for Luke
Attended the Bountiful Temple by myself one morning.
Reconnected with my old friend Jana from awesome
Ice-blocked (yes its a word) with Maria and her kidlets in Rock Canyon Park
Splashed in ice cold water at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo.
Drove past Provo Temple, MTC, BYU and the Y on the mountain.
Pointed out all the temples we could see along I least 6
Jumped on Courtney's trampoline and played with her new snake (the kids did at least)
BBQ at my cousin Stephanie's house and saw the Evans crew and my Aunt Kathy
Gawked at my Uncle Rick's stuffed birds and BYU souvenirs in Centerville and took home a feather
Cried a bit when Jason left me for the week but pushed through and had lots of fun.
Rejoiced when we picked him up at the airport on Friday nite.
Swung in the hammocks at Paul and JeVonne's house with Abby and the Tanners
Fed some nieghborhood horses with the Haynies
Missed out going to Heber to see Renee, boo hoo.
Jumped at a gymnasium's free play hour on Friday with Courtney
Soaked up some time in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple with Claire
Enjoyed watching my cousin Jessica marry her Jason in the Salt Lake Temple
Partied at the Marriot for the reception and said our goodbyes to my family
Crashed Garlan and Amanda's house and got to meet our cute neice baby Emma
Broke bread with Brandon and Cori and all the Vegas McCoys for a few hours on Sunday
Barfed at their house, Paisley did.
Traveled wearily home and finally got to sleep in our bed about 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Pictures to come.  749 of them.  


Heather said...

You had a jam packed week. Glad you made it through Centerville without getting a ticket. Christy and Cory both got tickets there. Can't wait to see the pictures!

RachelAA said...

Haha LOVE the action verbs. Sounds like a great trip - good luck with all those pictures :)

Laurie Nguyen said...

Glad you had a good time, but I missed you!!