Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Baaaaaathroooooom Unveiling

She is finished she is finished. our bathroom is finished!

four 1/2 weeks.

6 x 7 room

Had an awesome plumber

Found an expert to destroy and rebuild it

Bought our own supplies

moved the toilet

raised shower head

put a jacuzzi tub in

Jason did electric and painted

Added another outlet and a vent (or will soon, ok so its 98 percent finished)

goodbye tax return, hello master bathroom

goodbye yucky stained barbie shower that was leaking and door couldn't close.

jason no longer has to duck his head

goodbye three layers of linoleum that was rotten underneath and warped

goodbye weird mismatched tile and old cabinet

goodbye old leaky toilet that would have fallen thru the floor one day

see, rotten floor.

down to the bones.

It was kinda funny being able to see to the garage from the floor.

Okay, so lots of stuff happened in the middle but I stopped taking pictures.

Cause during the middle it started not to be fun anymore.

Limbo is lame.

and we were down to one shower and 7 people,

it was tricky.

but we got used to it.

okay, so now our dumpiest spot in the house

is now a super fun oasis.

and i have yet to take a bath in it

a crime i know, but life is busy and it literally just got all the way finished.

or 98 percent

we were going for spa feel

lots of trips to home depot and lowes

and we loved the wood tile we found

and we had to be smart since it was such a small space.

so here she is.

okay, so did ya feel like you went in there yourself?

I bought five shower curtains and the one we ended up with was all white with circle ruffles on it.

I thought I wanted bright accents but in the end just wanted it calm.

Need to get some candles and have a bubble bath!

Maybe after our fun trip.

Here's my hot tips:

Stick to your guns. Our contractor was leary of the wood tile at first because he hadn't used it but we loved it and kept it even though it was a risk. He ended up totally liking it too....or so he told me ;)  It also really helped that I was comfortable with him cause we saw alot of him and the kids did too.  He was totally professional and polite and would definitely recommend. 

don't get your heart set on very much because lots of changes have to make as you go along.  like daily. 

be flexible. take the expert advice on some things like grout and fixtures, but do what you like if you feel strongly about it. Especially if its about price. Also, get your decision making cap on, mine was a little rusty, because decisions small and big have to be made every day, all the time and I could use more practice at that. 

expect surprises, (ie; bad news), seriously you want your light there? well too bad it has to be four inches to the left? wait, now they no longer have the color in that.

Was it worth it? yes

Was it necessary? yes

Do we love having our privacy back? Yes

Will be eating top ramen for a while? Yes

Gotta run and go put stuff in the drawers!


Hillary said...

Oh wow! I am so, so excited for you. Your post was better than HGTV too. Nicer when it's someone you know. So did you know that was what you'd find under the floor or was it a *fun* surprise? Crazy!

christy said...

love it! good job

Nancy Jo said...

WOW WHEE! Looks fabulous! I want to come and take a calming bath too with candles! What a difference!!! You did a marvelous job! So glad it is finished!!!

Heather said...


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Its beautiful! I love the dark tile. And in our bathroom, our light fixture had to be flipped upside down because the mirror we bought had a really thick frame and I was worried that it would just stick out but honestly, it looks fine and only one person has noticed and it was the type of person that would notice and point out any flaw. Your bathroom is so pretty now! Do you go walk by it just so you can peek your head inside and look at it again? That's what I do when I actually do something in my house. :)

RachelAA said...

I am so in love with that wood tile. Love it!

Susannah said...

It looks so great! Wow...I love the tile in the bath tub too!

Laurie Nguyen said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! And YEAH! It's done. :)

Summerhays Family said...

Wow that looks gorgeous! I love it!

Mommy said...

It's AMAZING how simply moving a toilet can give you so much more space. HOORAY!

Chris Garff said...

I love that wood tile. That is the coolest thing. I haven't seen that at all. I love the clean and simple.

Beth said...

love it!!!

Lindsey said...

Love it!!! Those are great before and afters too!! It's gorgeous!!!

English Garden said...

Beautiful, I'm totally inspired.

the happy thomas family said...


embot said...

So so fabulous!!! Way to go, Brooke!

Amber said...

THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! I bet you are just in heaven. Congrats!!!!!

bro said...

Pretty and awesome