Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puppy Power

Any party where the kids are lapping water out of dog bowls is a good party to me. Seriously gives my heart joy and a chuckle. Perfectly age appropriate for a five year old. And age appropriate is my new favorite word if you didn't know.

Gotta get a picture of the 9 year old doing it!

and the birthday girl.

I feel like I was frazzled for the first half of this, became myself the last third and still have cleaning up (but frankly it wasn't too cleaned before really if we are gonna be honest).

Special thanks to Jackie for being the photographer. It helped tons and one less thing I had to think about.

Luke palled around with this soon to be 9 year old girl who he has known since birth.

One of my smarter moments was when I had the girls make the dog balloons for it. Gave them something to do and while I liked having an afternoon party (where some kids were dropping off, some families stayed) is for its it seems like they have to wait all day long (which is extra long if you are a kid).

Cute Christie came to show her Baylie love. She might be turning part McCoy.

the Smorgasbord of presents oh my, is that like every kids dream?

Can't really believe Baylie is five, we are lucky to have had her that long in our family, she is a keeper.


Alvhild Throop said...

LOVE! Such a great party idea! :)

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

That is HILARIOUS because i was just trying to finish up camry's party post and she had a kitty cat party in the backyard where all the kitties licked vanilla ice cream out of cat bowls and all of our treats were in cat food bowls too! We must look at the same party idea blogs. :)

brandon said...

Cute, I bet brenna loved it and thought photo of sadie eating cupcake was cute/funny

Nancy Jo said...

Hilarious pictures of them eating out of dog bowls! Too funny! Cute idea with the noses, balloons & treats! I bet Baylie will remember it as the best birthday ever! Glad you survived!