Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cute and Funny

The other day Jason was unexpectedly off work for Good Friday. So awesome, so what did the poor man do? Work in the garden all day while I went and bought compost and plants.

When I came back I was like, Where's Baylie?" He said, "On the tramp." I was like what?

She was taking a nap (the girl rarely naps) in the sun, and although she looked really cute and cozy I moved her so she didn't get fried on one side of her face.

Oh no thats not tomato soup, thats red punch that I (ME, I, MYSELF) spilled all over the dinner table tonite and myself. Ya know when ever you specifically warn the kids repeated not to spill the red punch you are guaranteeing to dump it all yourself. I think its like law...ya know, Murphys Law. It was a full cup and red punch made it almost to the other side of the table. Don't buy red punch even if its sugar free and even if you are trying to branch out, stick to lemonade.

Sometimes I really wish Jason ate dinner with us. Like tonite. And cause every one was whining about having peas (except Darby who picked it)....should have made a salad but peas was a lot easier. You'd think I was trying to feed them poison.

the other day I took Darby to the store so she could spend some of her money (probably from my brother) on a toy. Man that was an experience, I'm officially THAT mother who was like, 'no not that one, you have too many of those, Darby that looks totally cheap, how about this" (but seriously there are so many crappy toys out there!) so she, I mean we, landed on getting Rosetta and a fairy bed....good pick of mine cause she LOOOOVES IT. And then spent the next hours making the perfect fairy home out of box. I thought it was pretty dang awesome too.

Darby loved paying the cashier at Target and getting money back. She even brought her purse.

Oh yes, Luke came too and tried to buy something but I refused to let him buy another dang gun so he settled on a butterfinger...two of them.


Laura said...

Chase got a $10 gift card to target for his birthday and it was the most miserable trip i have ever had at target. we were in the toy aisle for like an hour. Next time I will just spend it without him. how's that for being a mean mom?

Beth said...

Red punch!!! You are one brave mama! Love all the pics. ;)

brandon said...

Love your blog

embot said...

way to go darby! that house is rockin'!!

Nancy Jo said...

Fancy Fairy house! You must be related to me with spilling that red punch - sorry.

cori said...

i wish i could come and play for the day sometime. i love you and your family!

love all the pics!!!