Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Music to my ears

I need to go to bed, but I do not want to forget this day. Today I conquered a fear with success. WAhoo... And am pretty darn proud of myself. Even more special got to see my kids have the best time and enjoy was also free of problems and mishaps...a true miracle.

After school I took the kids to six flags by myself. We had a blast. Perfect weather. Nobody there but us. So empty that on many rides they let us go more than once. They let ivy and me go on some too and even let Luke take ivy and paisley with him. I took pictures which I will down load tomorrow.

So fun and so good to have fun with them. It's a good walk from the parking lot but they did it. Cotton candy helped on the walk back. Baylie didn't want to walk so we squished three in the stroller. Everyone stayed together and helped.

My favorite part came earlier in the day. When I was telling Baylie we were going to try and go and sometime would she want to go during the day when Luke and Darby are at school? And she says no mom we have to wait for Darby it would be no fun without her. Just what a mom wants to hear.

It's always good to do something u think is a bit crazy. Even better when the payoff is big. Shoot that was easy what was I worried about? Its one thing to do something as a family but another to do it without Jason. Its days like this that i dont think five is a very big number. Let's hope my trip to Utah in June fairs the same.

Yay for six flags...we will be seeing u a lot this year.

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RachelAA said...

So glad!

bro said...

i still vote you and lindsey phone this one in, you know i would if the tables were turned

Sara Jane said...

You are a rockstar for taking all five to Six Flags. Glad it turned out well and was so fun for everyone.

Your mess made me laugh--especially the age appropriate comment. Ha!

sara said...

rockstar mom and now you have more rewards to leverage!!