Tuesday, January 17, 2012


hip hip hooray! my house might be cleared of rubble.

and yet, i missed seeing those kids faces and its no fun having to wake up kids from naps.

and the homeworks back.

3 week break, it was fun, and thanks for reminding me I never want to homeschool.

now see ya in the summer.

thing i'm still chuckling about since Sunday....

Jenny Albee comes up to me holding Ivy who was rocking a big bow as usual....

"HI, purple Ivy"

That Jenny, she knows her stuff (if questions arise, please refer to People Magazine and a certain celebrity name stealage)

I rearranged my living room and now it looks like it has a split personality. Not sure how to fix but we will get there.

A big Goodwill just opened up by me and yes I've already been there twice.


Susannah said...

Woo-Hoo!! Love Goodwill! We go once a week!

gay said...

Dropping stuff at goodwill is one of my favorite things ever to do! Glad ur not a home schooler either- not in my cards!

Phillips Family said...

You've already been TWICE?!? Wow you're an old pro! I need to go check it out! I'm glad we finally have one so close!

embot said...

i was wondering how it feels to be back! you guys busy this weekend? if not, call me. its supposed to rain. bleck.