Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tiny Pee Brain

No, taking all the girls, yes all four girls, to Trader Joes on a Saturday, the busiest day was not my smartest move. Ahhh man. Paisley only managed to swipe one apple and start chopping on it before we got to the register...Yes we are that family. I haven't been to Traders Joes in a long while and pretty much when I got home I had like no recollection what I even bought cause it was such mayhem. But now I have like three jars of olives, and one of marinated mushrooms...say what? One employee ended up getting giving my girls free bananas outside of the store. Thank you random man, that was a low point. Oh yes, and one was on day 2 of potty training.

Speaking of Pottty Training. Oh man. it just came upon me. I don't know what happened but now she won't wear any pull ups so I guess we are doing this. But Paisley was a rockstar, first day only one accident. And got through naps and thru the nite dry. Crazy. I bribe candy for pee and poo.
She did pee on Luke's floor today, which made me slightly chuckle to hear him come say, "Something on my floor is wet and it looks like pee and smells like pee." Well, we don't have a dog, so must be that cute little two year old.

Here's me and Jason with potty training. We like just to do it. Early. One day its like I just can't change those huge buns anymore. I don't have a time or a certain thing, just one day on a whim we just do it and go with it. Usually when they are already starting to throw up their legs waiting for you like you are the poop butler.

Luke was my latest (sorry Luke) and I started at 2 1/2 years. Paisley is my second latest. How old is Paisley? Well, she was 2 in Sept which means she will be 2 1/2 in March and its close to

Darby was my earliest and that just her. She took herself at 18 months and I was so not ready. So I waited until I had a newborn and then did. See, tiny brain I have.

We don't judge however old people wait to do it. Whatever. Although I just might not be volunteering to change your kids diapers. But now I'm thinking money wise its an even trade for Ivy being completely on Formula. Less diapers, more formula.

And speaking of not nursing anymore. Goodbye nursing. It was good while it lasted, had an emotional end for some crazy reason and now we are happily feeding Ivy perfectly warm bottles. Yes she is spoiled.

The cat woman at Petco (the bribe for going to Trader Joes) cracked the first, "Is that Blue Ivy? Hahaha" to me today when she asked Ivy's name. So its official. Beyonce, its on. You and me. Next thing you know you are going to be stealing my parenting tips and wanting my best cookie recipe. Well Beyonce, I'll have to think about it. Maybe if you ask really nice I will think about it. day update. Paisley is still on the once a day accident track which I'm cool with. I forgot to mention this, and am debating on whether I should, but lately we've been taking a tally on (the kids are in on it and keep score) on how many comments I get while with them. But yesterday this man actually said to his wife in front of me referring to all four being girls, Thats why we stopped at two! He is lucky he didn't get slugged by me. Like I yesterday I heard, "Four girls!" and then I say, "Yes and a boy at home!"

also, the only reason I left Luke and Jason was cause they were vacuuming the house which I thought in a brainless moment was a even trade. Not even at all :)


Nancy Jo said...

That's great Paisley is doing so well potty training! Sorry about Trader Joe's. I am glad that Ivy is a trend setter and has the option of being any color she wants, any day : )

Beth said...

I hardly ever go shopping anymore w/ all three kids if I can avoid it. It's not even that they're BAD, they just start having fun and being silly - treating Trader Joe's like it's a playground. Last Saturday I took all three b/c I had to. Ugh. And Saturdays are the worst w/ the "this poor lady has two older kids who are crazy, and she has ANOTHER baby" looks. It's all good though, just trudge through. You're an amazing mom. I think of you and your five all the time!

Chris Garff said...

I'm impressed with the potty training stats.

Someone just moved into our ward today and they have a baby girl 6 mnthsish) named...Ivy! I'm in the abyss of Primary, but I've got to find out about why they named her that.

I totally thought of you..oh and they have a son named Luke.

Crazy Lady said...

Sara! that is soo funny, maybe she is my texas twin?

bro said...

You should have said something to that guy like shut up ugly or teach your kids to say it on command