Sunday, January 8, 2012


So tonite as the kids are asleep I'm taking a little mental inventory.

Garage is more organized but the house is a mess.
Dishes need to be unloaded.
Clothes need to be folded.
Chaos and disarray are like my best friends right now.
I was on a diet all these week and then caved last nite when the power went out and had to finish dinner on the stove which was interesting in the dark.
Speaking of dark, need to buy some more lamps, the dark house is driving me batty.
9 a.m. church is painful. Ooooh painful. Jason has a morning meeting so its me doing it all by myself which I'm spoiled during the school week cause he is here in the mornings.
I completely forgot the church bag, any diapers, bottles (yes we are on bottles now! 90 percent).
If you forget to bring diapers and wipes, you are guaranteeing your kid pooping their diaper which she did. Thankfully the Mormons got lots of babies around and I bummed (hahah!) a diaper.
The kids got dressed and ready really well and were pretty dang good.
I did love testimony meeting today though.
Why won't the big chunky gold glitter stay on the nails, I love it so. Its like a party on my fingers celebrating the New Year. When its have off it just looks like the remains of a party. The cleanup part.
Baylie starts school tomorrow. Oh yes and we chopped off all her hair. It grows fast anyway.
Watched edited movie Bridesmaids...ah man that movie is hilarious.
Pretty much bombed teaching my new primary class...better step it up next week. I teach Baylie's class and ya think I'd be so good at it, but they ate me up.
Have to speak in church next Sunday which is like the worst news you can get. But I forgot Paul does that so here I thought he was just saying hi and SLAM now I have to speak.
Speaking in church was much easier when I was younger and thought I knew everything, but now I have to suppress urges to run out the door instead. I'd run fast too, they wouldn't be able to catch me. Oh well, better just suck it up.
The two oldest kids still have another week and a day off of school. Hopefully we can meet Jason for lunch.
Tomorrow we will watch the BAMA game for family home evening. Roll tide.

I think I'm going to make Tuna on Toast for dinner tomorrow.


bro said...


Nancy Jo said...

I love reading your blog! Let me know what your topic is for your talk & maybe I can help. Tuna & toast - yum.

Phillips Family said...

You definitely didn't bomb teaching your primary class...Ethan loved having you as his teacher! Oh man giving fun. But definitely feels good that you did it after it's over! You'll rock it as always! Great testimony yesterday btw!

Chris Garff said...

YOur kids still have a week off school?!? How long did they have off? We had a 2 week break which was perfect.

We teach the same class and we switched to 11 church and the kids were so onery and saying they wanted to go home (at about 12:30) so we just took them outside and played follow the leader and had a short lesson.

Darek and Amberli said...

The new camera makes a difference, I can tell. (and no that's not a back-handed compliement meaning your prev camera sucked, just that the new photos look really good). You're so fancy pants w/ your fancy pants camera!