Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Brandon

This picture is for you, I'd thought you'd like it. Luke said he had the greatest day of his life paint balling and getting this welt on his arm. He went with his dad, uncles and cousins. We aren't sure who gave him this beauty but it still hurts but makes him look tough. His grandpa says he is a man now and that he did well. Hmmm...maybe we should wait til he is at least 9 before we declare manhood?

Happy Birthday Brandon who is flying on the otherside of the country from me. If you are family or know him because of family, his name is Brandon. If you met him at school or work or somewhere else, you know him as Walt. He will always be Brandon to me.

Now is that a lot of stockings or what? We finally got them all together. Now I need to refine my knitting skills to do the next generations. Oh Ivy, so glad you have you with us.

It doesn't feel like we have a big family most of the time, but looking at those stockings does. Or when we say prayers...lots of people to mention pray for just in our own family.

Grandma McCoy let Baylie wear her shoes around.

A big thanks to the Nance family who has made all our families and my sisters familys stockings. Family heirlooms.


Nancy Jo said...

Awesome bruise Luke! You look so tough!

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Love the new camera!!!!

bro said...

luke the stud. thanks. he looks tough in bball photo. you would appreciate some kid like 25 was saying for new years resolution he wanted to gain 20 lbs bc he never has been able to. so that is something luke wont have to worry about your welcome evans fam genes