Sunday, December 11, 2011

Funny Stories

I was looking over Darby's school work (and chucking it) from the week and came across a note from her teacher on one of the pages. It said, "Please be respectful in your answer."

Ohh, what did Darby write I'm thinking. This was on a question answer sheet she filled out and here is what her answer was.

". I just told you that no I have not played it befor." (misspelling included)

Had to have a talk about that, too bad she thought it was super funny.

the next one is about Luke, just for memory purposes.

First of all this week he asked me if he could play football at BYU. I told him yes he could.

Second is he told me that all he wanted to eat in college and on his mission was top ramen noodles because they were so delicious.

I asked him whats if he goes to Africa and there is no top ramen.

"You'll send it to me."

(I told him top ramen wasn't very healthy but he said it was really yummy though)

Oh yes and this week he also told me that he liked Nana better then me. No duh.


bro said...

hey. what is the rest of darby story? was teacher asking her dumb questions. honestly i think it is funny and back darby's answer. it is very difficult being smarter than your teacher and trying to act like you aren't. i know from experience and think darby is smarter than i was. also, just make sure Luke is sold on going on a mission after freshman year. and also, tell luke that like more than once in my life i have gone weeks with only eating ramen noodles. and tell him that although they are yes very yummy, after a couple weeks of only ramen noodles they become very bland, and you want food with more flavor and you get sick of ramen noodles and can't eat them for a year. tell darby, one day her teacher will understand that darby is smarter than her, and no one will realize it until she is old, and then they will think she just got smart, but she will know she was smarter than them the whole time, they just didnt know it. seriously, you should read this to them, i think they will like it. tell her that is how it was with me and she is way smarter than me, but try to instill some Church stuff about how being smart really isnt the most important, it is knowing the Gospel that is way more important and there is other important things to know in life besides being smart :) this sounds very stuck up and i don't even care, getting old.

Lindsey said...

Love catching up with you on your blog. Great stuff going on at your house! Darby and Dallas are twins now with their one front tooth missing. Love that luke was pitching to the girls and i would love to see luke play football for byu. xo

Crazy Lady said...

brand you are funny. i think it was more that the questions are often redundant...but no i don't want her talking like that in print or verbally either.