Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't know how to post just one picture

This has been an exciting week already. Ivy has been chomping down the baby food (although she doesn't care too much for green beans, maybe she wishes they were smothered with olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper?).

Ivy can sit! At least for a little bit. Darby discovered it when she stayed home from school for an ear infection.

Jason pulled one of Darby's front teeth on Monday! The other one is wiggly so we hope it comes out before Christmas so she can sing , "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

Oh yes, Ivy was also sporting the sumo hair do that Darby once sported too.

Its all about gifts lately. This is the gift from the relief society to the women. I love it! From the amazing talk by President Uchtdorf. Seriously these five things we all need to remember daily.

Couldn't decide which picture I liked best.

We went to a white elephant this weekend. I love a good white elephant. This one theme was you couldn't buy anything. I personally think we scored this awesome bowling pin. I stole it from someone and they were like, "Why do you want this? " I'm like, duh, cause its cool! Plus it will look great in Luke's room.

Here is Paisley. We have missed her fun cute self this week, but thankfully she got a blessing on Wednesday and has gotten much better.

See this girl right here? I'm not allowed to post the really awesome pictures that my kids took with her and so maybe I shouldn't even mention her name but she was my miracle worker this week. Jason has been working late, the kids all crying all day, just one of those weeks ya know? And literally not five minutes after I lost my temper with Darby, the lowest point of the day, I hear a knock on my door and here she is to come help out and play with my kids. Sometimes I wish for an extra set of hands and the past two days had them! Thanks Christie for being so much fun with my girls and for making my life a little easier.

When she showed up, the thought I had was that the Lord knows me. He is aware of my needs and I needed some help. I know he loves my children so much. Reminds me of the quote that the Lord answers our prayers, but it is usually through another person that He meets our needs.

On a funny note, I have a big window in the front room and Christie drove by earlier and said I looked like a turkey flapping my arms in it...pretty dang funny...that must have been when I was having my tantrum....literally! Oh man, one day I'll figure it out, at least I'm trying.

On a totally different note, this is also what we scored at the white elephant. A Twilight game, Holler! Who knows, maybe it will be regifted to some lucky person.

One of twenty pictures of Darby on my camera. With the missing tooth.

Another funny story. Yesterday Baylie told me she wished she would get younger not older. So we decided to play baby. Yep, she got to sit in the high chair (thanks for being sturdy highchair!), wear a bib and I fed her baby food. She had two bites of pears before she was done. Paisley then wanted to do the same thing. Well just as I had gotten Paisley situated, Ivy (who was sitting in the bumbo) flicked the jar of pears and it shot straight in my eye (my eyes are jinxed I tell ya!), all over my shirt and pants and the floor. It was a mess. Seriously who knew how much covered one tiny jar of pears could be?

Ok last one, yesterday Luke was pitching to Darby and Baylie in the backyard. Throwing a plastic ball and they were hitting it with a racket. Spontaneous and awesome. They pitched back to him too.

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Thanks for the photos. In the first one ivy kind of looks like June