Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pretty cool family

Here is our impromptu family picture at the temple. Its pictures like these that make me realize we have slew of kids. But then I think no, there is just Luke, and Darby, and Baylie, and Paisley and Ivy...and Jason and I...and its life more fun when its got a touch of craziness? (only a touch?) This picture is funny cause it makes Luke look Darby's sized, but don't be fooled, he has a good 35 lbs on her.

I thought it was pretty awesome I got so many santa hats but they lasts about 5 seconds. plus it would be easier to spot everyone. ya luke was way too cool for it. I love seeing the Christmas lights at the LA Temple and love that we are having our own traditions for our family too. I am itching to go caroling (cause I have the most beautiful voice, hahhahahahahah!) but haven't figured out how to do it just yet. Plus I still have about five more Santa hats so that would be great for it!

Very cute of Paisley and 'eh' of her tired mama. We ran into my friend Maria's dad there with their family in the visitors center and it made me miss her! Big hug to you Maria!

We always like to go to the visitors center and watch the videos in the back room (the one that looks like old Jerusalem) because Sharla (Jason's sister) and her husband Dal are on it. So we go and say hi to them and tell the kids, "Who wants to go see Sharla and Dal?" They are in like every one in that back room. She looks great on the big screen cause its huge.

Jason and Ivy...who I put in a hilarious outfit to keep her warm. We got some chills finally in So Cal, hey winter, nice to meet you.

Paisley had a fever this weekend, and guess what, she is getting her 2 year molars!

Another announcement....Ivy has her first tooth. No wonder she was up so much last nite. So she is 5 1/2 months old. same as Darby was, so far as they are turning out be twins...same birth weight too...right? cause I can't really remember...shh don't tell how much Ivy weighed right this second.

The two littlest are growing teeth together! Must be the cool thing to do.

More news! We have a new niece and the kids have a new baby girl cousin! The Boston now Vegas McCoys had a baby girl today! She is darling and can't wait to hear what they name her.

Jason had the two youngest at home from church and I went with the three older kids. Church was so good..a maybe cause I could hear? Yes and I do think it was especially good today. There was a man who had been baptized yesterday at 92 years old. He had been coming every week so I didn't know he wasn't a member and he was confirmed today. Pretty cool.

Oh yeah, and here is the picture that Amber took of Luke. Did you know that pizza shirt he is wearing is scratch and sniff? I should get one too.

last thing I promise, last year at our annual visit to the temple lights, is when I told my good friends that I was pregnant.

Okay, now someone tell Ivy to go to sleep already!


Renee said...

You are a pretty cool family! Hope I get one of those family pictures. :)

RachelAA said...

Way cute!

Shar said...

i love when i get a shout out in your blog. does our video sound scripted? b/c that was Emmy nomination acting right there!

Maria said...

Big hug back at ya! We'll be there soon (seriously we're counting the days over here)

Tanya said...

way cute family pic!! You have such a fun fam!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love the Family picture!

bro said...

Cute photos thanks. One of best fam photos for sure

Andrea said...

Great family picture! It's nice to have lots of kids :)

Susannah said...

You look great girl! And what a great looking family you have! Every time I read your blog, I tell Adam...yo, we need to move to Los Angeles!

Lindsey said...

LOVE your family picture!!! Good looking bunch!!!