Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey in Arizona Travel Log

We went to Arizona to visit Erin and Rob and family and see their new house.

The kids had a blast as always and we got to see Erin and Reagan sing in church on Sunday which was cool.

Scooters were a hit. As well as the bunny. They have a fancy bunny with the softest fur, like a chinchilla.

Everyone got to hold Ivy and she was a trooper. In fact it was the most enjoyable car ride to Arizona I've ever had. I took a nap, the everyone was happy, they watched movies, I got to sit in the front seat and Luke helped with Ivy. Seriously Score. Not so much for the ride home.

On Thanksgiving day, Jason and everyone but the moms played some very intense games of capture the flag. Jason was bleeding on like four places on his body and sweating over his mashed potatoes. His hand and knee were bleeding from diving into a rose bush. Now why would he do that? Is this where I say his team won? Luke had already been playing football with Alex so by the end of the day they were so tired. Jason was totally sore the next day.

They had filled their pool the day we came so everyone had to poke their toe in. Reagan and Luke both jumped in the cold water with all their clothes on.

Playing on the ipads.

The day we left we went to visit my Aunt Kathy who had been in Utah the whole time. Her son (my cousin) Eric and his wife Amanda came to say hi too. It was great to see them and made me miss my dad seeing his sister. There is only one person in the entire world who looks so much like him and talks like them (I feel the same way about my aunt Pam and mom too).

Ok so the car ride. Ya we did not anticipate the traffic on a holiday weekend back to LA from Phoenix. So the low point we were stopped for two hours. Like people were out of their cars and letting their kids out and just talking. It was wierd. I tried to stay very Zen and the kids watched a movie.

But then that added two hours to our trip and the last 3 were pretty dang terrible. We stopped for a bit in McDonalds (thank you play place) where it was jam packed with all the other people who had been stopped where we traded stories and nobody could figure out what happened (their was rumor of a fatality?). I chatted with a deaf couple in ASL which was cool, don't get to use it very often and even sort of made sense ;)

Kudos to Jason the driver, he was a champ and got us home safely about 10 pm. Nothing like our own bed. Our house might be smaller than others, but it is home (we laughed last nite when Jason was talking to a guy during Thanksgiving who was saying they had to move cause their house was only '2900' and Jason was like, ya, ours is 1850 sq feet and we got one more person than you) Funny how perspective is. There was like 30 people at Erin and Robs for thanksgiving, most were their friends who we've met over the years. We played Bingo and loser (a card game I love), It was so much fun, but I'm sure they are glad to have some peace back in their house now that all our little kiddos have left.

Here are some of the girls and Aunt Kathy. She had just flown in like an hour before. And yes Darby figured out really quick what holding two grapefruits look like ;) They picked about 5 bags worth...anyone want some grapefruit?

Here is my hot tip to help with re-entry to reality after a fun trip. Have a torturous ride home that will make doing laundry seem awesome. Seriously helped.

I think I hear Ivy, better run.

She is seconds away from her first tooth.


Amberli said...

so fun you guys went to AZ! what a party! k and i did not know you signed! awesome!

Lindsey said...

Thanks. I loved all the pictures!! Sounds like a great time--minus car ride. Jealous you got to see Kathy.

bro said...

cute photos thanks