Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just cause who doesn't want to remember getting poop on their pants? And all of Paisley's clothes (it was her poop) and her bed. While stripping her sheets I noticed that she had smeared toothpaste all over the bedpost the other day.

While we are talking about that beautiful two year old with the super cute hair cut, big green eyes and long lashes and the cutest smile ever can I mention that she pulled out all the kleenex out and takes little clementines out of the fridge and peels them herself dropping the peelings wherever she happens to be. But today I was smart and didn't leave out my new package of gum cause yesterday she ate the whole pack....swallowed it all and left little silver wrappings all around her. Wonder how that will work in her system. She has definitely swallowed the most gum of any of my kids...63 if I were to guess. No not really that much, but its got to be 30. sick.

But she has the cutest smile and the last two days we have taken naps together. Not on purpose but in getting her down to sleep I have fallen asleep myself and that twin bed snuggles us nicely.

So ya know when you are waiting for the crock pot to be done cooking only to realize that you never plugged it in? ya I did that today. No wonder it wasn't smelling, I had plugged in the toaster instead.

Jason didn't answer the phone when I called him at 6:15 p.m. tonite to tell him that out of 1 thru 10 I was like at a 2 and he didn't want to know what zero was like. Then I was going to ask him how one person is supposed to tackle the mountain of laundry, fix dinner, clean up the house and take care of all these kids all by herself when they won't help me and moan and groan about the smallest thing (except for that one awesome one whose name you can guess, bless her)? Maybe its good he didn't answer cause by the time I saw him at cub scouts the car ride had simmered me down.

Luke survived his cub scouts skit, which he has been dreading and moved on to full anxiety the last 24 hours saying he refused to go and he no longer liked cub scouts. Well he survived too and even had fun even though it wasn't perfected practiced like his personality needed. Even if it was he wouldn't have wanted to get up in front of everyone but he did and was great.

Now who haven't I mentioned? Well Darby is my number one Ivy babysitter. Bless that girl. She has convinced us that when Ivy cries she really wants Darby to sing "Armies of Helaman" to soothe her so like ten times a day when you hear a cry from Ivy, a second later you'll hear Darby "We have been born...as Nephites of old...to goodly parents who love the Lord........." Darby's good friend (and mine) is moving down the street and we are thrilled. Darby has decided she looks like me with our dark hair and eyes, maybe Ivy will join us in the club.

Baylie, well Baylie girl. She and I seem to be duking it out (not really, but I have lost my temper) a few times a day cause that girl is stubborn stubborn. Or maybe just spoiled. Or just maybe my reincarnated self, size and all. I do love her very much. But at the end of the day she gives me a kiss and a hug and it all melts away and I can't remember what we argue about. Oh yes, now I can. Good thing she is cute too.

Our living room look like it has barfed up Christmas decorations. A big mess, some here, some there, and our hilarious fake Christmas tree. The kids love it but its driving me bonkers. Add that to the list. I vacuumed one room today, thats all I got to. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed I realize I just need to lower my expectations.

Now little Ivy girl, can I make a request? Its been a week since I've slept through the nite and I'd really appreciate it if you would tonite. Please and thank you. And sorry you haven't had a bath in about that time too, we are just glad to be plugging along.

I think I threatened there will be no Christmas presents like twice a day. We'll see how it goes.

Sometimes I wonder how much of this my kids will remember. I hope I can redeem myself in few years, my mom sure set the bar pretty high. Now back to work, laundry calls me. For as much as there is, I'm also glad we have that many clothes to fold, I know we are very lucky. If only luck would fold and put away itself.


gay said...

see, coming back from being out of town is a kick to the shins. normalacy hides for a good couple of days. good luck. oh and yelling does help. so don't beat yourself up!

Lindsey said...

that was a pretty good one. Be glad you have a good memory because by this time of day, I can't even remember what happened this morning! Poop in bed clean up is just not fun but also hilariously gross at the same time, yeah? I have had my share. Maybe in five years, they will do the laundry? or at least half of them.

jana said...

haha - I love that you threaten 'no CHristmas"! I've caught myself threatening that as well. And lowering your expectations is good advice... somedays I have to be happy just to get the kids to school and home and fed inbetween. The To Do List can wait for a better day.