Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review of remake Footloose

The original was better but the second one was fun. If you practice in movie snobbery, the Footloose remake is not for you, but if you loved loved the first one so much that you know every song then you'll just be so tickled that Footloose has been shot with a dose of 2011.

The casting was great, except for Chuck (although my mom didn't love Denis Quaid as the reverend). Nice to meet you new Willard. Also, as cute of voice and quick comebacks as the new Rusty was, no one can top SJP. Way to go new Ren. Ariel would have liked you more if you didn't hold most of the cheeseball moments that caused me to cringe.

Made me dying to see the original again, which I will do tonite...thanks to Amazon rental whatever thing.




The bus scene was lame and the first scene where Ariel was riding in the car out the window, lame lame, the first did it so much more dangerously.

What did you think of Ren's dancing alone in the barn? I thought it was good, but the music was an odd choice.

Liked that made the movie more integrated and think they tried to take it from Idaho to Georgia (they didn't succeed really but appreciated the try).

Made sense to have Ren's mom dead and that his family was supportive, good changes, but didn't build up the frustration of the old Ren felt. Pretty much they must have done some focus groups and were like "Lets make Willard more funny and insert cuter children with bigger parts and lets hire a professional dancer for Ariel" Also liked the scene where Ren asked Ariels dad to let her go to the dance, nice change.

Also the ending scene, looked way too choreographed and not in a good way. Did they look like people who hasn't busted a lawful move in three years, no...the original was way better, I mean can you remember Ariels crazy happy squealing, that was nuts. What happened to that girl?


Darek and Amberli said...

Darek: I'm so proud to say I've never seen Footloose. And never will. Same with Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. I consider these true life-time achievements. And no one can tell me differently.

Lindsey said...

That was great! Did you watch the whole first one??