Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mom and Courtney

Courtney's husband Carl had to be in LA this weekend and while the driving by herself from Utah was too daunting, my mom said she would fly to Utah and then drive to California with her and her EmmaJane, CJ and baby June. We are so glad they came. All the Evans cousins were together again and the new little babies of 2011 finally got to meet each other.

Plus last nite, us three sisters and my mom met half way at the Arclight in Pasadena to watch the remake of Footloose. Nobody else I'd rather see it with since it has so many memories. Footloose was one of Lindsey's first tapes. Tapes, remember those?

My kids are already starting to realize it stinks that Nana is leaving tomorrow and telling her how much they are going to miss her.

It was also fun to see Luke and CJ, the only boys amongst a bunch of pretty girls, hang out together. Plus, no injuries!

Here are the four years, aka the babies of 2007. Of course that beautiful shorty in the middle is mine. Jason's height has alluded the girls.

Every morning the kids see how soon they can creep in Nana's room to be with her and watch shows on her ipad. This morning when she had just gotten out of bed, Baylie popped in her room and said, "I knew you were awake, I've checked on you two times already!"

We've missed you Grandpa!


Amberli said...

you forgot the most important part of the post - HOW WAS FOOTLOOSE???

love your mom's grandchildren stickers!!! so cute! and so fun that all of you got together. so many cute kids!!

RachelAA said...

I'm not a huge fan of those car family stickers - but it's totally cute on a grandma car I think! Love it.

bro said...

such cute photos and kids