Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christmas on the brain

Darby got it in her head yesterday that it was a good time to start writing to Santa. So this is her third attempt at a letter. Polly pockets is the theme (Cause her mom doesn't like Barbies is what she will tell you). I'm pretty sure its because she just went to a birthday party and wanted all the toys and this is the most effective way to get them herself.

Here are the two time out girls, Baylie and Paisley. Sitting on the stairs.
For scratching their nails into the giant squash we just picked five minutes before. Seriously how fast can you destroy something kids? I was just mad cause I was gonna give them away. Instead they were shredded to potentially become our bazillioneth loaf of bread.

I call this picture, how many children do you spot?

Luke decided to get in on the Santa letter writing too. Sheesh! What month do you think this is? Guess its better to be prepared.

Impromptu photo shoot. Holla!

This is why I love girls. Seriously. Never have I gotten surprises like this from that one boy of mine. Good thing I know he really loves his mama, but that Darby likes to artistically express it.

This one is green because I really love green

Baby with a bazooka...really I have no idea if this qualifies as a bazooka or what one is, but it surely is a big gun. Really, you don't want your son to have this big of gun? Thats what I said too, better not come to my house to see all our big toy guns then he'll see how cool they are or invite us to your parties cause thats what we'll get you too. We like to corrupt other households, its like service to the world, right?


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

my friend just got a TON of polly pocket stuff off of ebay for super cheap, you know, unless you only give your kids new toys at christmas. I'm torn on that because i like the new packaging and it's all shiny but on the other hand, you can get way more stuff for the same amount of money. My girls are obsessed with those polly pockets as well. At yard sales that is the first thing they look for. that and little pet shops.

Lisa -- said...

your kids are aligned with the stores. i have seen christmas stuff already at Costco as well as more toys. it is because of the economic they have to create business/spending somehow. i was surprised to see the bargains for back to school shopping and early in the summer too.

bro said...

like the darby and ivy pictures. luke is so cool, i feel like such a dork when i talk to him, sad he isn't 9 yet and i am not as cool as he is. also like luke's Christmas request list. prob i would like that stuff. also, sad/funny you took photo of kids in time out and got baylie's i am in time out face and you are taking photos

bro said...

at least the gun is nerf

Nancy Jo said...

I think Paisley looks like she is loving having the gun : ) Funny timeout pictures! I think it is hilarious they are making Christmas lists already, but probably a great idea for buying early and beat the rush. Darby is pretty smart with the signs. Can't believe you rearranged your living room again. Ivy is as cute as ever - I love how the kids interact with her!

Lindsey said...

Hey Love the drawings and letters to Santa. The kids look so so cute and I love seeing them. xoxo

Chris Garff said...

My kids have been talking about Christmas non stop this week. I think it's funny.

I finally have internet (obviously, but just been waiting and got it today).

thank you thank you for the bread and cookies. The boys and I sat and ate them all on our first day when we were broken down in some po dunk Arizona town waiting for Chris to catch up to us (he was 3 hours behind when the transmission blew). I need the bread recipe. I loved it!