Friday, August 19, 2011

Can you handle it?

I mean really, really? This is it. this face right here is why we had five babies. I mean really, to be able to squeeze and hold and snuggle with this little girl right here. Ahhh, can't believe we are closing this chapter of our lives, but dang it if we didn't give it a great go.

Really, is there anything in the world than what a mother thinks of her own baby?

Yesterday was the first day of school. We made it. The kids rocked.

The rest of us went to the park and I even got a nap...the sky must be falling.

But school also means, packing lunches, lots of paperwork, rushed mornings...but I'll take it I tell you!

Darby as a rockstar 1st grader.

She is also the unofficial spokesgirl for Hello Kitty.

The shirt, jacket, shorts, and lunchbox.

Lukey is third grader! Not in a split class this year and Ashlyn is in his class which is a first! Sweet they can spy on each other and tell their moms what the other is doing! Although I have the feeling it will be more one-sided :) Luke was excited to have the same teacher as he did last year.

Just showing some size perspective on Ivy. Thanks Maria for the darling outfit, she worked it well don't you think?

Okay, so now we are on day two of school and its a Friday.

Plus today I have three children at school! Yahoo for the weekend!

Saw the movie The Help last nite, loved it. Ahh, what a great book and great movie. Ivy and I saw it together and it was so sweet holding my baby asleep in the theatre, when do I get to do that?

Also watched Soul Surfer this weekend, and rented Indian in the Cupboard.


embot said...

Yay!! you made it, too! you want to see the help with me tonight to celebrate?

embot said...

hahaha, just read the end of the post. NEVERMIND!

Nancy Jo said...

DARLING pictures! the ones of Ivy in her outfit are priceless! Sooo cute! Love seeing the first day of school pictures! The all look GREAT! Darby's hair is fancy! That is terrific that Luke got the same teacher, especially if he liked her. Thanks for all the pictures!!

Beth said...

She is so, so cute!!!

bro said...

i've never seen indian and the cupboard is it a good movie please tell. such a cute bebe. love darbys hair. she is the coolest dresser. although baylie pushes in on her total cool points rocking boots. luke is his fathers son. i'm like he is so cool, he is like above cool

christy said...

pinkalicious! so fancy nancy
I love hello kitty!
we have also recently watched those three movies and loved them all, my kids really loved Indian in the Cupboard, it's an oldie but a goodie. afterwards they wanted to watch Zathura

Courtney said...

Seriously Ivy's dress is so stinkin' cute! It is adorable! I love it. And, EmmaJane loves Darby's outfit! She loves HelloKitty! I love that she is all decked out! So cute! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Maria said...

She looks adorable!! Yay!