Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Week

Ya know those weeks when you are tired just thinking about.

Monday: 90 min football practice in 100 degree heat, find a sub for primary class, make dr appointment and find babysitter, family home evening and possibly a pampered chef friend Mindee getting induced, congrats Mindee!

Tuesday: Pack meeting for cub scouts that the whole family attends, early day out from school, hair cuts for the girls. Jason has YM

Wednesday: Minimum day at school, back to school nite...sounds more simple than it is. Basketball nite for Jason

Thursday: Paisley's birthday (maybe should get to planning that, we love you Paisley and it will be awesome don't worry), picture day, leave for Vegas

Friday: Kids skip school, Drive a few more hours to reach a cool place in southern Utah with a few of the McCoys...funny when 9 more of the McCoys is only a few. Cook dinner for everyone that I am stressing about.

Saturday - Sunday: Relax, Labor Day Weekend, enjoy some peaceful outdoors with family in gorgeous rocks of southern Utah

Monday: trek back to Vegas, bug Darek and Amberli a bit more :) , travel back to LA in the late hours once the crazy traffic has died down.

Tuesday: Back to school, back to work, unpack and cleanup.


Sarah said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your post, Brooke. But the trip with your family sounds like fun! Take a deep breath. Ready, set, go!

Amberli said...

sorry for the busy week but hooray for coming to LV!!!! can't wait to hang out!

embot said...

And its only the 3rd week of school! i think i might get even nuttier.

Have fun this weekend!!

Nancy Jo said...

Wow - makes me tired too! Good luck with everything! Will be thinking of you!

Renee said...

Have fun! Are you going to St. George? Seriously, as our kids are getting older we are getting even more busier. It's crazy.