Saturday, May 14, 2011


Time is running out. At least time before this little girl coming it is. I have been feeling really good too, like she wants to keep cooking now. Only about 1 nightly contraction. Only a few weeks left. So thought I better get this show on the road. Unfortunately Jason is swamped at work (and stressed) but I'm slowly cracking at my to-do list.

Have you seen one of these sponges before? This is like the 7th one I've bought. I throw them out after each baby. They cost about $7 and its what I plop in the sink for a baby bath. Then I just squeeze them out to dry and use the next day. This sponge means we are now ready to have a baby. Sink bathing babies is tradition now at the McCoys, until they are big enough to sit up in the real bath with their siblings.

Have you tried these yet? They looked so weird at the store, I think they've been around a year, but I never thought about them. But then I randomly bought some for Paisley for now and I'm sold. Squeezable baby food. For Paisley cause she is old, I can just hand it to her in the car or wherever we are at and feel like she is getting some nutrition, since I don't serve butternut squash very much. I don't know what age I could hand it to a little baby without it getting squished everywhere.

Just makes me think about how you need different things for different stages in life. The cheapest I've seen these is about 89 cents at target, but then I just ordered a supply to come from Amazon Mom (no shipping) every 3 months for a little cheaper than that. Yes, I've made plenty of homemade baby food, which I usually only use for at home, but for on the go eating, this is my new favorite.

Ummm, remember my most favorite and ultimate cheap middle eastern grocery store I shopped at when I lived in Encino? The one where you played go-carts with tons of people, not kid friendly (although I always brought mine) with a super crowded parking lot but the produce (and oil and spices and specialty breads) were a freaking steal! Like 10 cents for an onion remember that place?

WELL ITS NOW OUT WHERE I LIVE HERE! In a super fancy shopping area with ample parking, next to where you can feed the ducks! How awesome. So now its my new place and lets all shop there too so it doesn't close. It replaced Bristol Farms (the biggest irony) and I saw it a few months ago but thought surely can't be the same place...and it is. Shout hoorah for cheap produce shopping everywhere. Here is the tip though. Just buy whats on sale. Don't go with what you want in your head cause then you can still get ripped off. Just see what looks good and cheap and buy it (maybe why I don't menu plan). Right now in the flier it said cucumbers 5 for a dollar.

Go so it doesn't go out of business like Bristol Farms.

Ahh, look at my cute parents. I've been pouring over old pictures and am putting together a picture collage of all the weddings on both sides of our family that we've attended. I asked my mom to send me hers as well. Bringing a baby into this world just makes me think of celebrating marriage. Cause life can surely test them, but well worth the work. Just when it seems like no one sticks together, I see all the pretty pictures of my sisters and sisters in law and brothers in law and parents on both sides and think, sure awesome when they do.

You'll have to come over and look at it. Which reminds me that I just finally finished my wedding album that I never got together, 11 years late, but makes it even more charming. My dad has a mustache and Jason's has hair, how things have changed.


Nancy Jo said...

Glad you're feeling as good as you can at 8 plus months pregnant. Sorry Jason is working a lot. It was illegal for you to put that picture on your blog. Oh my.

Beth said...

I love those sponge things too. That's what I had the entire time w/ Audrey and it's totally worth it and who needs a big ol' plastic baby tub taking up room in my small place. I can't believe you are only three weeks away!!! CRAZY! Good luck with everything.

Beth said...

PS - What hospital do you deliver??? Down here since your doc is still down here?

the happy thomas family said...

ah, look at your folks. so darling. what a treasure! :)

Courtney said...

I love that bath sponge. In fact, we just used it tonight with June. Sorry Jason is working a ton. That is never fun. It always makes things harder and being 8 and a half months prego doesn't help. Hang in there!

gina said...

I think we might be the biggest consumers ever of the squeezable baby food, Kate won't eat anything else now and Dax gets jealous and eats it too. I hand it to Kate who is 12 months but only when it's about half way gone and she just sucks it out. Can't wait to see pics of your tiny one!

Sara Jane said...

That is so awesome Santa Clarita has a Valley Produce. I seriously do need to move up there. Your description of shopping there was perfect and made me laugh. The carts still don't have belts (they got some new ones). I put Russell in the back, but he throws everything out. I wish they had nicer carts.