Thursday, April 7, 2011


Both sets of grandparents are officially here in California. This is our form of entertainment, sticking ipad covers of Paisley's head and laughing about it. And playing Farkle.

The only bad thing about family being in town is that it goes by way way too fast and I'm already sad to think we only have a few days left before everyone is gone again. But today, I'm seeing Lindsey and her new baby, tomorrow Courtney and her family, and Saturday, Jason's sister Erin and her family. Saturday is Luke's baptism at 5 p.m. and I can't believe its here.

Grandma McCoy playing games with Luke and Baylie on the ipad.

Nana catching Paisley in the mud.

Grandpa practicing Darby's reading words with her. Somehow I missed getting a picture with Grandpa McCoy so far, but he practiced pitching with Luke and has told them stories at nite while the kids are all sleeping on the floor together. With no school, family in town, its like a big slumber party...although not everyone is sleeping here.

My mom came first on Sunday and the kids were thrilled. Here is them watching a movie on Nana's ipad sitting on the table in the morning. We have already put her to work cutting hair (L & B) and painting lots of nails. Jason's mom has already fixed a stuffed animal that I had neglected for about two months and going to hem Luke's new suit. Very handy this grandmothers are.

Jason put together our new little trampoline. Its so cute, I love it. Thanks Amber for helping me get it! (she has a Sam's card)

Here is some of Baylie's coloring.

Before conference we raided the 99 cent store and Darby got an extra large coloring book (you know those huge ones) that was the best buck I ever spent. And this pink bunny has not left her side. What a deal. Okay, well, the next few days will bring lots of fun and I'm already fighting back the tears and hope everyone gets fed enough.

By the way, conference was awesome, post my favorite later...gotta go get ready!


RachelAA said...

Oh Brooke, I'm so excited for you! And Farkle, LOVE IT.

brandon said...

thanks for the photos cute