Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggsellent Easter...wahaaahaha

The Easter Bunny came to our house. Just barely. Which counts the third time my kids hunted for eggs this month (first time in the house) and they still were into it.

We have eaten alot of candy today. Even new baby...which is what I refer to her as.

Paisley was so cute easter egg hunting at the church. How little does she look? They let the nursery kids (did I mention she stayed the whole time in nursery...ok so Jason was in there for half but still, yahoooo!) have their own little area not to be bugged by big kids.

This morning we dyed eggs and at church my kids had fingers too prove it. Shoot I did too. That stuff is hard to get off. Can you tell which kids (and Jason) colored which eggs? Like a personality test? Or just age :)

Egg dying is a mess. It stresses me out a bit. Paisley was napping which was good cause that girl would have just been chaos.

But lets talk about Jason. Easter was great, my kids get that its not just about Easter and candy, but we still love all that stuff.

It was a busy morning also thanks to the fact that I needed to finish (or start) my sunday school lesson. We had a good big breakfast, did the eggs, can't remember what else, but barely got to church at 1 p.m. But it was a great morning. The kids even jumped on the trampoline and chalked outside and stayed in their pjs forever (as did the parents). Jason didn't have any meetings, we just enjoyed it. BUT (I take so long telling stories, seriously don't know how to spit it out, all about setting up the scene)....after 3 hours of church, wrangling Paisley during the first hour and 8 year old during the next too, I was wiped out. And Jason just took over. I seriously mentally and physically checked out, without even telling him really that I was spent and he just took over. Made dinner, gave the girls a bath, and now are reading them a story. That is a good husband. And really someone who just really knows me well. My favorite times are just when we are on the same page without even speaking. I even got a nap. He didn't bug me about it or ask me for help which was just so awesome. I needed it.

Baylie fell asleep in the car on the way home and after looking at her cute sleeping face cuddled on the couch, I yelled to him upstairs...."Baylie told me she wanted me to lay with her on the couch." Jason laughed, "Oh she did huh?" And that was it. Checkout land. I felt like I could have fallen asleep during dinner too (paninis and ramen).

....just had to take a break and put Paisley to bed. Hey, the man can't do everything :)

Now I'm going to go lay on the couch again.

P.s. Luke went to a Harry Potter party yesterday, got a wand and has been sharing it with his sisters and teaching them spells. very cute.


Lindsey said...

awesome egg coloring pictures. And I love the ones at church! Go Jason for giving you a night off on Easter. You deserve it. Love ya!

Nancy Jo said...

Easter egg coloring is fun but can be a huge mess!! They look great! Glad you had a good Easter and got the rest you deserved. Jason is the bomb!

bro said...

PainkhabCute thanks

bro said...

Cute thanks