Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby June

First of all, have you seen my new niece yet? Meet June here.

And if you are patient enough to look through all the pictures you can see how amazing Courtney looked going to the hospital. I mean, really? Really? Even following all the Evans rules of add more makeup and then some more, she still had her hair looking fab-o.

And yes June is dang cute too.

My sister in law, Sara, finds out on Thursday what she is having (#4) and than just found out another sister in law is pregnant with #3. Wahoo for babies.

Yesterday at the park next to Darby's practice I was just thinking that my little four doesn't even seem like so many. Especially at the park. There is just Luke, Darby, Baylie and Paisley. And really you just have to make sure that Paisley isn't climbing up something tall and scary. The rest are usually chasing each other. Funny how that ends up.

Now go look at cute little June. Lots of hair like a good Evans baby.


the happy thomas family said...

say her yesterday ... so very, *very* darling.

and yes ... courtney's perfection makes me sick. she always looks lovely - but she had that special glow that day.

the happy thomas family said...

*saw* her. dang auto-correct.