Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V day

Thanks to Jason for getting me some See's (at my suggestion) for Valentine's. His card was way better than mine, probably because he gets to look at them alone. Mine are more of a glance and grab :) Today I'm so happy is Monday because the kids are happy and yesterday I would like to toss in the garbage :)

My house is trashed, Baylie is at a birthday/valentine's party. Paisley is very snotty but at least her bum is healed (hooray for healthy bums :)

Darby wore two shirts with hearts today, one on top of the other. Very stylish.

So while I'm cleaning and rearranging my house, I have one major thing on my mind today. WHAT TO DO WITH THE DESTROYED CASTLE (BAYLIE!!!) IN A MILLION PIECES ON THE FLOOR IN LUKE'S ROOM. Cause unless Paisley takes a surprise 4 hour nap, there is no way I will be able to put it all back together before he comes home. Did I mention that he bought it with his own money this weekend and it took forever to put together, and he is way more skilled at Lego building than me. I knew Baylie was quiet upstairs but I had no idea she would do this. It was on a high shelf and Luke is gonna to freak! I hope I can find the directions, wish me luck.

p.s. Jason came to the rescue and put it back together late last nite. There were some tears after school, but by dinner the sting wore off. Having some friends over helped. :)


LaurieNguyen said...

Lego has a lot of instruction sets on their website. Maybe you can find it there?

Or you can tell him that his sister loves him so much that she took his castle apart so he can experience the joy of putting it together again?

Good luck!

Beth said...

Oh man.... those Lego's. Tyler just got his first big set for Xmas and I am already cursing it b/c I can barely put it together and he can't really do it either yet, but he LOVES them and loves watching me do it. I am gonna stick to the smaller cars/airplanes for now.

What did Lindsey name her baby?? Hope she's doing well. And we are still open to looking for homes in your area. Saw a couple online... who knows....

Jenn said...

Man, I wish I had read this earlier-- I would of been right over and we could of had a Lego party! (but honestly-- Lego's require patience-- if I was Luke, I would be mad!) j/k :)

Tell Luke the story of Godzilla! That's what we call ours around here when they destroy something!

bro said...

i'm sure he freaked, and then you convinced him to build it cooler, and he will be somewhat over it by now.

Nash said...

we have that knight castle. it got put together on my kitchen floor after Christmas, i just moved it this week and it totally came apart. i did my best but couldn't take it anymore.
i agree that maybe he could enjoy building it again. i wouldn't even attempt it. took my husband and kids a few hrs total.
i am So sorry though that you have to deal with it. UGH!
good luck!

Tanya said...

Oh yikes that is too bad about the castle but kids are resilient and he will survive :). I love the idea of doubling the hearts... Good one Darby! And we should get together I should come up, call me and we will pen it on the calendar :)

tphillips said...

Oh man we have had MANY lego destroying moments...poor Braden has had to put together I don't know how many sets. Sometimes it just plain sucks being the oldest.