Friday, February 4, 2011

Dress Up

The other day when I needed to motivate the girls to clean their room, I told Darby if she did, her friend could come over. Well actually I said no one can come over until she cleaned it. By herself, cause mom has been helping too much. I did help a bit at the end.

Paisley was their little shadow who wanted to be wherever the big girls were.

I love this dirty little face. So cute, but it was wiped right after I took this.

Hope you have a happy weekend. My mom flies out to Hawaii on Monday, or arrives, can't remember which to help with Lindsey's new baby. Can't wait to find out when she decides to come.


Courtney said...

I love Baylie's dress. That was my FAVORITE growing up. I remember getting it for Easter and thinking it was so fancy. I loved twirling in it. I am glad that it is getting some use!

bro said...


Lindsey said...

Those dresses of the girls in the top picture are cracking me up!! Is that your Girdie dress from oklahoma?? So great. We miss you guys!!