Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black Poop

I almost posted a picture of Paisley's black poop. Almost. From black licorice and blueberries, your welcome.

My fridge is freezing everything, I am mad at it. Had to chuck some frozen mayo.

Not working out is helping, have been feeling ok....at least on day two.

Lindsey could have her baby any day, any bets? She is rooting for Friday but I'm betting she debutes sooner. Aloha Pfisters.

Can someone invent a healthy ice cream? one that still has chocolate and peanut butter, I would be all over it.

Did I mention that Paisley is now pretending to be a dog too? So now I have two puppies as well as daughters.

Luke has been my great helper.

Darby refused to get out of the car afterschool since I wouldn't take her to the school fundraiser at Chuck e Cheese. Me, four kids, pregnant at a jam packed Chuck E cheese...I don't think so. But that sneaky school even had the real Chuck E Cheese interacting with the kids at carpool chanting...'Chucky, chucky."

I have decided I can clean about one room a day, with no promises that it will stay clean or that another will dirty.

Three things have been the only thing on my list of things to do for the past two days and I still haven't done them. One of them is even easy, just scheduling an appointment. I need a kick in the butt.


Nancy Jo said...

We are so glad that you did not post any visuals. That should be illegal about pushing the ChuckyC thing at school even if it is a fundraiser. Maybe having two kids acting like puppies means you need a dog : )

bro said...

How about unhealthy ice cream with vitamins in it?

RachelAA said...

I so avoid scheduling appointments simply because I hate being on the phone with these kids running around. I can't hear or they interrupt me. Good luck getting that done today :)

Courtney said...

I am so grossed out by your title. Even though you did not post a pic, which I am very glad, I got a visual. Emma Jane would have boycotted me too if I didn't let her go to a Chuck E Cheese event.

The Livingston Place said...

I just love reading your blog.