Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Courtney's awesome post

Look at Courtney's awesome post.

Do I have the cutest new niece ever!!!!!!

4 years later, GIRL REPEAT! Wahoo.

Is that the cutest picture of the three at the bottom?

Can you believe Baylie had black hair?!


jana said...

I saw Courtney today :) !!!

embot said...

Wow!! what a beautiful baby! so happy you guys have cousins galore. there's nothing better.

Renee said...

I remember when they were all at Baylies blessing. I think that is so fun that you have sisters and all have girls and babies at the same time. Slightly jealous. You lucky girl!

Sara Jane said...

Those pictures are so fun--it will for sure be fun to repeat it all again.

I think it's great Luke went to the Pinkalicious play.

Beth said...

Love the photos. I can't believe she had such dark hair. Oh, and we are going to Pinkalicious, too. (Tyler included and he's super excited - plus that book isn't too super girly, even though it's about the color pink). It's such a cute concept for a book. We are going in July though, but if you go to Mrs. Nelson .... let me know!