Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zoo and Placerita

Here is the end of our day almost. Luke pushed Paisley around in the cart at Sprouts. Is that kid getting old or what? He also told me today that what he was wearing is the same thing he wore yesterday, and then slept in and then wore all day today. Apparently we are a bit lax on vacation days.

Placerita Canyon. Paisley thought she was so cool hiking with her siblings. Also see Baylie's black headband, she is rarely without it. It is her favorite accessory besides her sparkly shoes.

Jason and kids at the highest point on the what we call the kids hike. That is really the only hike I know there.

Technically this is 2010, New years eve. We went to the zoo. Really these pictures are for my sister Lindsey and all you other Angelenos who have moved away. The elephant exhibit is finally finished!

Okay remember this walkway? to go from the chimpanzee to the gibbons? It was like a ten foot high wood wall with pictures of animals on it. It was probably like that for like 7 years. But its finally down and has a different fence.

Paisley helping to push the stroller.

The kids had a great time together. Thankfully we went on the 'warmest' day and no rain. We plan on going again next week since there is still no school.


Tanya said...

I am so sad that our zoo membership expired. I so want to see that elephant exhibit...they should let anyone who had a pass during the YEARS of construction come in and see even if they no longer have a membership....I am glad you all had fun and look does look oooollllddd good grief did he grow like crazy in the last 3 weeks or what, I swear he looked younger at the beginning of december

Tanya said...

luke not look

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I just woke up to come down and get Claira a sippy cup but I figured I'd check my google reader before I went back upstairs and I thought the title of your post was Zoo and Placenta. That could have made your zoo experience even more interesting. :)

Amber said...

We were there on New Years Eve also! What time were you there? How crazy is that.

bro said...

Luke looks old and mccoyish in that first photo. Liked p pushing. Liked all, thanks. Looks warm

Beth said...

hey brooke! thanks for posting those pics of the zoo. we're gonna try to go this week, too, if it isn't raining.

tanya - i have guest passes! let's meet up. i'll email you.

Lindsey said...

That is amazing!! I can't believe it is open! And FINALLY a picture of you! You look really cute. Your hair is so long and I love your hat! How fun you guys went hiking!