Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whats up?

Baylie got ahold of my camera again. This girl has been quite a pistol and you know what that is code for. She does what she wants when she wants and knows what she wants. But look at those blue eyes. I thought this picture of Jason she captured was pretty funny. Its my version of 'artsy' pictures. When Baylie not lecturing me with her demands, she is playing a doggie with her friends. So diverse that girl, doggie or diva.

Darby was soo happy last week because she was the FLAVOR OF THE WEEK in her class. Which means she got to make a poster about herself and take home Brenda the dog. We had a scare that we lost Brenda on the last nite and her poster had some quite surprising answers (Her favorite animal is a cheetah? What? Since when?) If she could have any wish in the whole world she wrote she wanted a Tangled coloring book. I told her good news for her that cost about $3 so we can fulfill her greatest wish very soon. Especially since her Uncle sent her $6, that means she can have two greatest wishes ever, how lucky can a girl be. (Seriously you wouldn't rather go to Hawaii? Or have a pony?). Reminds me how lindsey's dream car growing up was a black truck...high dreams girls, high dreams. (mine has always been a hummer, or at least the last 15 years. the old, real gas guzzling one and don't even tell me I can't fit all these car seats in there, just watch me I tell you!)

Paisley is fun. She is smart and modeling my very uncoordinated bed (mental note, one day be a grown up and get matching bedding). She is starting to hand me a diaper and wipe when she has a poopy (its really the little things and life people, little did you know that was the new IQ test, at what age does your kid bring you a diaper?). And she understands everything which is fabulous, if only now I could always understand her. She is successfully rocking a sweet mullet because it enables her to have 1 inch pigtails. Jason is trying to match her with a mullet of his own, but not quite so cute with pigtails.

Baylie painted 'a brain'. Is it my brain or hers? Well depends on the day but I would bet that her brain is a little more glittery than mine.

Luke has successfully gotten over his only boy status. We spruced up his room this weekend, moved out the crib. I will never forgot being the one to tell him the all girl news, it was not pleasant but he figured out himself that when he is 16 he will be able to baptize his little sister which is fitting since she will not be there for his...physically at least. And as my brother says, there aren't really any benefits to having no brothers for the next ten years, but one day he will love his sisters :). Thanks Brand, right back at cha.

Your welcome for the McCoy synopsis, we are just peachy keen, despite Jason and I poor tired selves and learning I have another cavity...score! The girls room is getting an overhaul and its like a mini tornado exploded in there. A pink one of course. The weather has been charming, I don't miss you cold, thank you 80 degrees even if you don't last long. Also, more to report. We might have an extra surprise come June since it appears my butt, back, legs and arms are seemingly pregnant too! Hooray, so don't know how that works, but that puts us to four more kids! Hope they can all fit in the crib.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I know its not always becoming, but sometimes I can't contain it. Must go now, I hear Baylie barking.


RachelAA said...

My mom recently bought a Hummer and the carseats fit just fine :)

Jenn said...

you crack me up!

Maybe you should try putting ponytails in Jason's hair while he's sleeping....

bro said...

Cute darb photo. I really do think Baylie is a dalton.