Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dang Rain

So the rain won't stop will it. And we have three weeks off of school with no place to go. No visitors coming either. So last nite I had a great old pity party and was depressed. Like what the heck I'm I going to now in this endless rain with no school? bye bye backyard play, bye bye walking around christmas lights, bye bye park, bye bye zoo, bye bye fun. Plus I was moaning that we weren't going anywhere and boo hoo, whine whine do you get the picture? Fortunately Jason doesn't pay much attention to me and is used to the crazy.

BUT , when I woke up this morning I felt better. Silly nitetime sadness. Now I'm ready to tackle the week (or else super fake like it which I think counts just as much).

So here's what my plan is. Do whatever I want that makes me happy, which in turn makes the kids happy. I've been dying to have some wassail so I woke up early and went to the store and bought the supplies. Plus some chips and cheese/salsa dip, our like fifth bag of clementine cuties, cucumbers and some eggs. Lots of eggs for yummy breakfasts. Funny how food so influences my feeling of control. Plus I figure I needed to go to the store while Jason was home (at 7 a.m.) and even already had red lipstick on and a Coke if that its sending the world a message that this lady is ready to tackle the week of horrible rain, what the heck is?

So here's what we will do....

Make lots of wassail. Possibly a new recipe everyday. Did I mention that my kids don't drink it? Hmmm....I'm gonna have to pee a ton. Today was Cranberry.

and some Texax sheet cake, I love you Paula Deen. Did you know that she is the grand marshall for the Rose parade?

Sugar cookies. Sugar cookies alone is quite a project.

Hmmm..what else. Oh yes, watch every Christmas cartoon possible.

Puzzles, playdough, legos.

Invite kids over to the house to play with my kids and take a chill pill (in form of chocolate) at what that will do to my home's cleanliness. So far we've already had three.

Naps. At least every other day. Myself included.

Videogames, Wii Sing and Just Dance

Buy some peppermint ice cream that I was too cheap too. (its seasonal people!)

Thats it for now. Send over your ideas, I gonna need them.

Thanks Tina for getting a picture of Baylie as an angel for her 3 year old preschool class. I stole this picture off your blog.

Fortunately the week after Christmas Jason is home so we are good til then.


Tanya said...

painting, finger painting, playdough, no bake cookies, banana bread...that is what we did the plans, fudge, more sweet breads, sugar cookies, every christmas movie we have plus netflix instand play and Hulu...oh yeah we did banana pudding today, I made the kids cut up the bananas and mix it (instant is grand). in my plans letters to Santa...maybe popcorn garland because we are bored

RachelAA said...

Haha last night I freaked out about this as well. If my kids don't get out each day, we all go crazy. But who wants to pack up the kids that need to be all bundled to stay warm and dry? I'm glad you got your attitude in check; I'm still working on mine :)

Laura said...

that seriously sounds like an awesome week. and don't forget christmas movies! and i took my kids to the library to pick out some christmas books. we havent left the house today and i feel great. and i am ok with too much tv when it is rainy outside

bro said...

Eating and Christmas cartoons sounds good, I actually like those movies.

Beth said...

You girls are brave to cook all that food. I would just stuff it in MY face b/c seems like my kids never eat any baked food I make (besides the icing). I think play dates - other moms feel this way, too, so why not do some trades and give them a new house to play in for a while. Hire a babysitter and do something for yourself. College kids back home now for babysitting. We are doing some Christmas shopping tomorrow, and might go see Tangled. There's another idea - although we might be the last to have seen it. Also going for haircuts. I love wassail. Mmmmmm.

Beth said...

Also, McD's with a playland, Skirball if it's open, but would be $$$, go to library. Gingerbread house. Just a couple ideas. :)

Renee said...

We are doing gingerbread houses and baking cookies. I can't believe you guys have 3 weeks off of school! My kids last day is tomorrow (the 21st) which was odd since it was a Tuesday. They have a week and a half off. You guys are getting the rain and we have been getting your storm. Days of snow!

Renee said...
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