Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Present Luke Karaoke

Here is your Christmas present. Luke singing with his cousin Alex. We love Alex. Mostly this is a treat because when are 7 year old and 8 year old boys willing to sing in a microphone? Well if his cousin makes it cool and he gets lured in. Obviously this is not his first time with his song, and Wii should pay for how much I've bragged about Wii Sing Disney. The best part of it is you can listen back to yourself and then change your voice to mouse or lion or robot. Which is hilarious for kids and I sound way better as a mouse than in real life.

I have some of Baylie at her Christmas program but the video is too long for blogger. But let me tell you she does a great Jingle Bells.

I'm sure when Jason gets home then I won't be posting so much. We've been doing good but today I'm just watching the clock which is not too smart since its just 9:48 a.m. So far we have zero plans, its not raining but everything is still pretty wet so we'll see where the day takes us. (or in other words I'm running out of steam!)

Now enjoy the show part 2 (actually the first part.) Do I have some cool kids or what ?


Courtney said...

I love how into it Luke gets. He is really good at. I can't to do it again!

Nancy Jo said...

I love that Christmas present! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

bro said...

Luke is old