Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whistle while you work

So much to do. Turns out my little kiddies sure eat a lot and had to refill the pantry. They want lunch everyday? Sheesh!

This morning, Paisley and I went to Target and Costco. Baylie is at her preschool, and today am I attempting to turn the house back from mass chaos.

But here's the deal. I am happy.

I love my life. Even if it seems I am bent on making every dang mistake along the way. Yesterday I had to invest some time into patching up a little messiness I had gotten myself into thanks to my big old mouth. I didn't have to, but it was like a hammer over my head saying, "you need to fix this!". Learned some lessons, one being, its always better to be nice. Really. Even if people sometimes seem to bent on sabotaging themselves and not listening to people who care and want to help them. Here's to trying to not be the person to tells them. I'll let someone else, I'll just sit back and smile and be nice. I'm sure my family thinks it cannot be done, my mouth almost has a mind of its own, but here's to trying. Cause its no fun beating yourself up with regret and words are one thing you can't take back.

Ironically I'm teaching a lesson on compassion this Sunday. What I don't have very much lately? Ouch, that one hurt a little bit. Twenty bucks for anyone who will teach it for me? Crap, you can't do that! Dang it! Oh well. We are who we choose to be and today I am choosing a little bit better. Just a smidgen.

I think I'm going to start playing Christmas Music today. We are set to go to Vegas for Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait. Ya know I need sister in laws just as much as I need my sisters. Which is alot. All I can say is whoever marries my brother is going to score with three awesome new sisters and we will be sure to tell her how lucky. I mean 'Lindsey and Courtney' can, cause my mouth is shut now right? shoot, guess I'm going to have to practice.

I am now the proud owner of the Mariah Carey Christmas CD, one of the best in my opinion, and some honeycrisp apples. If your Costco carries them, go buy them, you only can once a year. They are delicious. Tart and sweet, mouth watering. Is that enough hype for you?

Luke loves reading. Gives me a big happy sigh. Its all he wants to do in his waking hours if he isn't outside. I love it. His two favorite series (besides Harry Potter which I only let him read the first two, he's only seven!) are the Magic Tree House and the Boxcar Children. We need more. Its in the blood, from his dad and his mom. Can't wait for the girls to learn how to read, although I am not a pusher in that area. All in good time.

Thinking about skipping Thanksgiving altogether and start decorating for Christmas. Afterall, who invented a holiday where we slave in the kitchen and men watch football? So silly. Although I do love the food, and the gratefulness, but maybe if its colors are in green and red?

Here is what I've been listening to as I type this. Very good, think I'll buy it today. Man, am I a spender today or what? So many November and December birthdays to get ready for.

Christmas cards are happening this year people, just bought my stamps. My theory is if I spread out the expenses of presents and everything earlier than it will be more manageable? But last year we didn't do a christmas card for the first year ever and I love Christmas cards. I love to get them, I love to send them, but I hate taking the picture. What the heck to wear and who can take them? Just as long as I don't have a double chin really. Always stressful but whatever, its happening. Misty, do you want to come down and dress us? By the way, my hard drive got fried (cough, Jason, get on that...pretty please) and lost all my addresses. All my addresses. Lovely. So email me mccoy218@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch.

Okay, back to cleaning, none of the this lollygagging on the computer. Time to work. Can't wait. Something must really be wrong with me.


RachelAA said...

I have been thinking about our Christmas picture as well - trying to decide on outfits. And yes, Christmas music has been playing ALL DAY today! Andrew was wondering if we could put our Halloween table cloth away and just put up a Christmas one - I like my Fall decorations so I think I need to find a Fall tablecloth. We'll see.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I just learned of those honey crisp apples this year and I'm in love. I'm not really an apple person either but they are so good!

Amberli said...

i was at an outdoor mall/playspace yesterday and they were playing christmas music! i was so happy i sang along, out loud for all to hear! love it! and i'm soooo happy you're headed this way for t-day! woo hoo!

The Livingston Place said...

Do you need my address??? hehehehe!