Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Finale

Darby was a super hero princess. She came up with it herself. The mask was our only purchase. Baylie was tinkerbelle in case you can't figure that out ...she wore her wings for about two minutes and only cause i bribed her with that candy she is holding.

Old man Jason and Paisley the lady bug. Little Paisley, will you ever wear a costume that wasn't your sisters before you? maybe when you start to protest, but right now its just so handy.

Old Lady

The only family shot (my camera battery was dead) and the only one with Luke the ninja who ran around the church. By the way, they totally had a walker at salvation army I could have bought, but didn't want to offend any real walker users at my church. Plus not so handy for carrying my grandbaby.

My friend Amber had her baby this Halloween and it was also my brother in law, Carl's birthday. It was pretty odd getting tricker treaters and not tricker treating ourselves, but hey its only on Sunday every few years right? Aint no judging if you went trick or treating, we were a divided household. Now lets get on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Lindsey said...

I love Darby's creative costume!! Soo cute! I seriously can't stop looking at you like that!! It is so freaking funny. And Jason's stash!! Hilarious. I agree--totally weird giving out candy and we weren't dressed up. Oh well, the girls liked giving their candy they didn't like so much from the night before away. We ran out of candy the night before:)

Sara Jane said...

I love your costumes. A walker would have been hilarious!

Courtney said...

So cute! Those are such fun costumes. I can't believe how amazing you and Jason were. Those were awesome costumes. You guys are sure going to make cute old people. :) Fun Fun.