Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wierd O Halloween

This is a funny Halloween this year. Maybe because we mentally missed two weeks of the month? Maybe because my head doesn't seem to be screwed on straight? Maybe because I've been extra crabby? Maybe because the kids have been super easy when it comes to costumes and I just stressed about mine?

But this picture is strange. First of all, I think Baylie had no shirt last year when she carved pumpkins. But this year I think she looks even more wild if that is possible. Maybe the devil eyes and dis shelved look.

We had waited and waited for a good time to carve them as a family, that we finally just needed to do it and Friday was the only day left. But then I totally pooped out after a long day and Jason spear headed the pumpkin carving. Because of that, the kids really did carve them all by themselves and scraped alot so they loved it.

I laid on the couch and was on Paisley duty. Although we came in on the action to check on them.

It was intense. Bravo to Jason. Bravo to the kids. This last week of Halloween preparations transformed me into a crazy, stressed out crab. Fortunately I snapped out of it just in time for the trunk or treat at church. Sunday we are just going to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids.

Paisley digging in the pumpkin.

Strange face for Baylie. This hair is post Tinkerbell updo from her preschool party earlier in the day.

Hmmm...maybe now I know why Baylie has no shirt. They all like to copy cat. Luke stole some ideas from Darby adding stitches to his pumpkin.

Baylie's 3 year old preschool class. How cute are they?

We had to wrangle Paisley the whole time. She kept wanting to eat people's food off their plates, run in the street, and go where she wasn't supposed to. The girl is a handful, shoot!

Darby and Ashlynn. I overheard them talking about what was different from kindergarten vs. preschool. Too bad they don't go to the same school.

You won't believe me, but Paisley actually thinks its funny to wear these. Oh yes, Darby decided to wear an old dress of mine she found in Alabama. From my very brief acting moment in 4th grade Oklahoma.

Baylie with her wings! She made a great Tinkerbell. More halloween pictures to come. Jason was a hoot!

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Lyndsay said...

CUTE!! Paisley and Maya=BFFs. Just wait until my Halloween post on Monday. Maya was out. of. control. Sheesh.