Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can you spot my children?

These are blurry, but I really liked them. My kids are inside a giant pumpkin made of something hard that I seriously thought about climbing on top of myself, but then thought I'd look like a fool.


See this post is a game. Can you spot my children? There are four of them remember, so keep your eyes peeled. Ages 7, 5, 3, and 1.

Here is what we did on a Friday morning when the kids were out of school due to budget cuts. Its the farm out by me. Somehow I snaked out of doing anything that cost money (like the train ride at 4 bucks a person) and we just climbed and looked at all the free stuff. And spent $2 at the bake sale that was run by Mothers With odd. (Shouldn't those ladies be too busy to sit at a booth?)

This picture just cracks me up. Cause this is what Paisley is like now. Usually dirty. Refuses to keep a bow in her hear which is killing me, and stealing stuff. Doesn't she just look sneaky. This girl does what she wants and goes where she wants to. And then eats crap on the ground. But we sure love her. What does Paisley love? Food, her blanket and her huge stuffed animal monkey.

Baylie looks so tiny on the hood of that car. Luke got so sweaty here. He is a sweaty kid.

Paisley with her buddy. We didn't see Halle Berry this time, sigh.


I love these pumpkins.

Apparently there aren't a whole lot of rules at this place, so the girls just sat and pet this horse for as long as I let them. Doesn't everyone want to pet a horse? One bit me when I was about 8. I think I fainted. Can't quite remember.

Other potential titles for this post:

More is always More (as in pictures, cause really I rarely think less is ever, for example, in terms of ice cream, more is more for sure)

Hey, look where we went right after we got Baylie's elbow popped back in at the doctors when I thought that Darby had broken it. Very relieved how that turned out. Then we did the flu mist up the nose for the oldest three since we were already there and Darby's teacher told me this week that 4 kids the week before we barfing, three of them in class. Before they got a mist, I had to sign a waiver for each Luke and Darby and Baylie to answer No a list of 20 options one of which was that they were not pregnant or nursing. Are you kidding me? One was a boy! and the other two are 5 and 3! Silly forms. But sure do like that doctor. Baylie didn't even notice he popped it back in and neither did I and I was right next to her. Now that is good.

Why Paisley still has her deter from putting wet dirty hay in her mouth and rumble from the road. Instead I just let it drag in the dirt with her while we plays. I'm telling, after beach camping, you'd be shocked at what I'm okay with.

Tomorrow is the primary program at church, which is always a hoot. Who doesn't like when the kids are the only speakers and singers? But its pretty stressful for the leaders, so I feel your pain girls, may it all go well, I'm sure it will.


Heather said...

Our Primary Program is tomorrow too. I just hope everything goes smoothly.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Great post. I love all your kids. But, this is the first time I have realized That they are all 2 years apart. You hardly got healed before you started on the next one. Was that tough? I'm
thinking of doing it too

Lindsey said...

Loved the pictures. Couldn't find Luke in the big pumpkin:). I miss pumpkin patches. There is one here 1 day out of the year and it is tomorrow--Sunday! Paisley looks like she is having fun! She doesn't look too dirty to me!! That just goes with the age. Very cute. Glad B is okay!

brandon said...

fav pics are luke carrying paisley and bailey on a rail, and paisley sitting on a pile of small pumpkins thinking of which one she wants. hey sorry for luke me and dad have good sweat glands, dad calls his hands baby warmers. what is elbow darby story? thanks for photos, much love

Nancy Jo said...

U can't have too many pictures of your darling kids! Thanks for sharing!

Amberli said...

oh love your pumpkin patch outing and all the darling pics! you're such a fun mom. as for the primary program, yes it's usually my favorite sacrament meeting of the year although this year i'm in charge!!! EEK! i just got put in as primary chorister four weeks before our program which has not been written and as far as i can tell the kids don't really know the songs all that well! stress!! oh well, at least i can count on the kids being super darling regardless of singing skills!

Courtney said...

Loved the pumpkin patch pictures. We went to the cutest one, and I forgot my camera. Sad. No fun. O well. That is hilarious about Paisley being so sneaky. That age is the worst for control. You can't reason with them, so you kind of are at their mercy unfortunately. Good thing she is so dang cute!