Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the kids and I made it to Alabama. We started when it was dark and arrived when it was dark, but we did it. Its already starting to fade. I told my mom that it wasn't the worst day of my life. There were even some fine moments, but mostly it was a bit hairy. Mostly I was just grateful that I am a veteran parent because I think the flights I took when I had one baby were more stressful. Did you hear that? 1 baby for a newer mom is harder than 4 kids with where I'm at right now, even if one of those babies is the same age as the one baby I used to fly over the country with. its all perspective. glad I have a little bit.

The highlights of our time in LAX were, a easy time going through security than I expected (always good to keep them low at the airport), Luke getting beeped for having 15 paperclips in his pocket, Darby having to get her light up shoes tested for explosives, and testing Paisley's bottle for bomb ingredients. Fortunately they passed. Paisley took about a 20 minute nap on the 4 hour flight to Atlanta, and the extra DVD player I had brought didn't work although Jason swears he checked it so that was a bit sticky for a minute. Delta has no place to change a diaper, they must hate babies, the flight attendants were very nice and helpful. Besides Baylie stopping randomly when walking in the terminal and refusing to move for new reason, it went pretty well to get to the next plane after we had ridden the high speed train.

what was your favorite talk in conference? What I heard was great, which was probably a third of it, which I will catch up via the internet later.

Within an hour of being home, and seeing how fit my dad has become, I had already seen my mom last month, he had me try smoked clams from the can on top of salt and vinegar pork rinds. And it wasn't bad. He also had be try Almond milk (at 40 calories per cup) and it was delicious. On the pork rind bag it said, "the taste of the south in your mouth."

We miss Jason, but he is having a ball. He went to a movie monday, played basketball last nite and a again tonite, already had Chris come over Saturday for a scary movie party (wait, due boys call them parties? get together then) and besides the horrible traffic due to the unusual rain so far he seems to be sitting pretty.

we, have been swimming in the very heated to bath water temperature pool every day, sometimes twice, enjoying Daisy the dog, eaten at Mama Rosa's arguably my favorite restaurant in Dothan, which holds the most memories at least and watched some movies. Late one nite, my mom and I saw the movie Wallstreet, which we are still laughing about. I thought it was harder to understand than Inception. Say what financial lingo? Could you pass out a flier with stock broker descriptions please? I better go talk to Brad and ask him what the heck they were talking about. But seems like the good guys won. Guess it shows my ignorance. Oh well.

Mario Cart has occupied our Wii time, even once I beat Luke, Darby would rather color, but Nana and Baylie both play too. Paisley has found a great buddy in her grandpa, who lets her venture where ever she wants to go.
We have had lots of fun. I can't remember when the last time I came here. But I do feel like a visitor, feels like a different world that I used to be apart of, but its been great to sleep in the house that has so many memories. Memories of my family that are spread too far away from each other in our adult lives. Something I think is in our blood although I hope to correct with the next generation.

Nana and Grandpa's house has lots of toys, for kids and adults, feels like a hotel with all the preparations my mom has put into us coming. The kids have already tried their hand at our childhood stilts and pogo stick, both which are much harder than you think to pull off.

Today we went to Pizza Kastle, Dothan's version of chuck e cheese. We went to the opening of Publix, tried some samples. Mostly I want to apologize to any one I might run into (who will never read this of course) that I can't remember, blame it on living away from home since I have been 18, and four babies melting my brain. Just kidding, I'm smart as a whip ;) Just ask me about Wallstreet. I woman talked to me in the grocery store and asked me who I was married to. I thought it was pretty bold of a complete stranger although I know I do look slightly scandalous with my little brood. Too late I realized it was because she knew me so my answer "A man in California," must have sounded pretty strange and even remembered mid conversation that I'd even been to her house once. Oh well, what do you? She became my new favorite person when she told me I looked like I'd had no babies which I told her that thank you and I will pay you later for saying that (a very Evans thing to say, I think I've heard my mom say that a thousand times in response to a compliment, it must be our default response). But seriously why don't we all go around saying nice things like that to people at the grocery store, even if its not close to true.

I'm excited to enjoy all that Alabama has to offer, which mostly means making complete ruins of my supposed diet and being a gigantic hermit. I can't wait.

And we finally attempted skype, so awesome, where I caught my bearded husband Jason who probably won't shave til we get back.

I miss you Jason, much love from Brooke


Jason said...

Actually, I shaved yesterday! It is true, I must say, it's been nice to play a bunch of hoops. :) Gotta get it in while I can! I miss you guys, glad you're having so much fun. I miss Dothan too. It's weird being all alone, I definitely miss coming home to ya'll at night. But I'm keeping busy so that helps. Anyway, be safe!

LaurieNguyen said...

Glad you're having a wonderful time, but don't get too comfortable. We can't do without you! :)

Heather said...

Glad you survived the trip out. Sounds like you're having loads of fun, but how could you not with parents like yours. Sorry I'll miss seeing you at church Sunday. Amber should be there, but the rest of us will be out of town. Oh, there is a Chuck E Cheese over by the mall if you tire of Pizza Kastle.

RachelAA said...

Sounds wonderful - so happy for you! The testing of the shoes sounds hilarious and Almond Milk, that's all Andi can drink! Enjoy the taste of the south!! And don't kid yourself, you do look good.

Edie Mindell said...

Having to travel with four kids is no joke. I'm glad to hear that you all survived.:-) It's great to visit our hometown once in a while. It brings back a lot of memories from way back when we were young. It's great that you're having a fantastic time there.:-)

embot said...

oh, i want to come swim in that pool! it all looks heavenly. and you made it all the way across the country with your babies. i am so impressed!