Saturday, September 25, 2010

Skipping School

Can you name this animal? Its in the Los Angeles Zoo.

The prize will be pat on the back...that you give yourself.

Friday we played hooky. We went to the zoo. The rest of the week has been gorgeous but Friday was horribly hot. Lots of walking in the hot was interesting :) Especially with 6 small kids who all wanted to ride in the stroller

Courtney and I have been going down memory lane. She remembers going to the zoo here when Luke was a baby. Now he is too cool to take a picture cause he is playing on his calculator calculating stuff.

Waiting for the bird show to start. Six years difference between us. She has been telling me some funny stuff. And spilling family secrets. Oh I have been dying laughing. And realizing how many things I forget.

Like I remembered when Courtney flew out to CA when she was in college to help me take care of Luke for a week when my body wasn't working.

Remembering how picky she is when it comes to food. She doesn't like watermelon (Jason just got a new member in his club). But the girl loves some steak.

Or letting her read the old notes she wrote to me when I was in college.

I forgot how good she can sing.

Or remembering how comfortable Courtney. She has cooked a real breakfast (with homemade buttermilk syrup) every morning. She doesn't wait around to be waited on but gets to work.

Giving all my kids a ride. Note to self, I am much skinnier in my head. Also, burn green pants. Wait, they are my favorite. Okay, avoid mirrors and cameras when wearing mint pants.

CJ is chowing down kettle corn. CJ and EmmaJane are so stinking cute. And love to take off their clothes.

The kids waiting for the bird show to start. Oh the bird show. You think you are so funny, but are you going to ever change your skit? Can I offer to write you a new script? But we love you anyway.

Friday nite, we saw the movie, You again. Very cute. Very good thing to do with your sister. Boo hoo, we miss you Lindsey and Brandon.

by the way, its a gerenuk.


Rachel said...

you're so funny! i think you look great, but i think the same thing of myself when i see pictures lately-i'm much skinnier in my head. glad you had fun at the zoo. too bad it was hot.

RachelAA said...

I love the family resemblance. And, Andrew's in that club as well!

Amber said...

You picked a SERIOUSLY hot day to visit the zoo! But you look like you had fun anyway. And yes, you and Courtney look a ton a like.

bro said...

See yall in two.weekends!

Sara Jane said...

I think we all look skinnier, younger, and better looking in our heads. At least in mine I do.
Thanks for making me laugh as usual. Glad to see you are having fun with your sister.

Sarah said...

you look fabulous! shut your mouth! =) i think we all do that tho. i was in my sister in laws wedding weekend b4 last and when i saw pictures i was mortified! i am so much hotter than whoever that was! lol =)