Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haynies in the House

EmmaJane and Baylie and CJ

Courtney drove herself down with the kids by herself since Carl has to be down here for interviews. It is so fun to have my sister here. Luke and Darby are so sad they have to go to school.

She brought her dogs, Missy (white) and Mabel. My kids are in heaven.

EmmaJane loves to pick up Paisley whenever she can, not that Paisley likes it :) She is such a little mother.

CJ is just hilarious. The kid talks all the time and says the funniest stuff.

We are so glad they moved to Utah since its much closer to us than Alabama. As soon as they came Luke busted out his Bama jersey cause he knows how much they love it. He wore it today to school too. Seriously Courtney says she has to hide EmmaJane's Bama shirts or else she'd wear it everyday.

Baylie and Mabel.

Darby and Mabel

Paisley and Missy

Ventured out to the mall while the big kids are in school. Court had Pinkberry for the first time and went to H & M.... remember when Lindsey, Courtney and I went to H & M in Hollywood while mom and dad ran around with the kids in the mall?

Just taking a cue from Claire and updating the blog while she is here instead of millions of pictures when she is gone. its like real time :)

Courtney made caramel popcorn tonite, just like old times. I have a hankering to watch Harry and the Hendersons.


Lindsey said...

Yay!! I can't believe Courtney brought the dogs!! Didn't she get enough road tripin' from AL to UT for 3 days!! That is awesome you guys are together. Pictures are darling! I was hoping you had posted them. Miss you both!! Have lots of fun! Is Carl going to ride back with her?

RachelAA said...

Caramel popcorn - That IS heaven!

brenda said...

I LOVE when family visits. It makes the absence worthwhile. ENJOY!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

About the doctor, SMALL office (one physician) and PPO. Weird, huh? I think the level of health care out here just sucks in general.

brandon said...

so cute. ej is so sweet and cj is awesome. love your kids. so cute. baylie. glad they got to meet mabel before she passes. i guess missy is growing on me. daisy is my new fav. love you thanks for photos, cute. heart harry and hendersons