Saturday, August 7, 2010

Noahs Ark

We are having lots of fun with Nana here. And we got grass today. Please pinch me. Jason rocks. But to obey the laws of blogger land here are pictures from our trip to Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Museum. Besides their complete omission of God in the entire Noah's Ark story, it was a fine trip. First time I haven't gone on free day.

My kids favorite part is probably running through the rainbow maker outside.

Wouldn't this be so cool to have in your yard?

Fortunately I finally got smart and brought a change of clothes

Always better to go with friends. Thanks for planning it Amber.

Here is Luke making 'poop' soup. Because the place is pretty hippie and all about the 'real experience' there was lots of fake poop. So of course the boys were obsessed with it. they even played hot poop-atatoe.

Laying in the sun after getting all wet.


Lindsey said...

Looks like a very fun trip. CA has the neatest places! Looks warm & pretty. Pictures of the grass please!!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Isn't it funny how kids can make lying on the sidewalk so nice and relaxing :) And way to pass on the extra clothes info :)

Amber said...

I hear ya about the omission of God in the Noah's Ark story. I've heard multiple versions of the Noah's Ark story at the Skirball and never once has any of them mentioned God.

christy said...

That's funny that they leave out God. The one in Hong Kong totally talks about God but it's run by the YMCA which is huge there. In Hong Kong youth groups will go around and sing and stuff and they will say things like you must be Christians because you seem happy. It's all about happy happy happy not doctrine or the spirit. Oh but Noah and his family are Chinese in their videos. Not sure how they explain that one.

brandon said...

funny how in cali we laid in the sun, i don't remember laying on pavement in bama. i remember enjoying laying on pavement though in ca

Laura said...

where is the rainbow maker? i have never seen it...and i am going this thursday.