Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What we've been up to

This is what the kids did yesterday. Set up camp.

I didn't think I had any pictures on my camera, but it turns out I did. I hope you all watched the awesome video by the way. What a tear jerker.

I won't even tell you what time it is. Buts its early. I won't even tell you how long I've been up. Weird nite. I'm working on the lesson I'm teaching on Sunday. I'm the sub in relief society (the women's class). It is about making covenants and Abraham. Haven't taught adults in who knows how long, but the awesome part is I'm free so if I bomb they don't ever have to ask me again. I'm sure it will be fine.

Baylie holding Paisley. Paisley is now 11 months old.

Here is my cute friend Maria. We went to her daughter's birthday party (she lives in Utah but is from LA). Oh I miss her. But if you want the best food of your life, try and get invited to one of her parties. Seriously. And tons of it. They might be secretly southern (because good and plenty are southern food traits), if they weren't Guatemalan. But Maria is married to a boy from Kentucky (who is a fancy BYU professor) so he had even smoked a pig. Almost made up for not being able to go to Bama this summer. Now you know everything about Maria and she might not love that I told you everything about her on my blog. Oh yes, and it was really cute that her Dad kept holding Paisley. He is forever good in my book.

This week we tried to get our fill of the Chamberlains. We haven't seen them all summer it seems and school is starting soon. They aren't in the picture so you'll have to imagine. We still need to go to the dang Getty! If I don't go to the Getty soon instead of talking about it all the time...... I'm starting to think I'm full of crap.

Is this an awesome trampoline? Springless with tight net and no metal bars to reduce injuries. Next time it is at Costco it is ours. I'm watching you Costco.

Can you spy Baylie?

We went to Travel town. It is free and they have these old trains the kids can climb around, accept some of them were closed (lame).

The girls eating their fruit cups.

Darby, Owen and Luke

Schoeni's (and cousins) and McCoys. Special props to Amber for putting together an organized play group schedule for my ward this summer. I'm sure she might not want to do it again, but its been great to have fun stuff planned without me having to plan it.

Okay, now I better go shower and get ready before these kids wake up.

Here you have been reading this blog and I haven't told you the best part.

In 3 1/2 hours, I'm picking up my mom from the airport. I really miss my mom (and my family too, boo hoo for us all living so far apart).

My kids do not know she is coming. They are going to be SHOCKED. Its been hard to keep in because they are smart. I told them I have to pick up someone I visit teach (so of course they are groaning!) from LAX. Luke's like "Why don't they have a car?"

Anyway, she will be here less than a week, but we can't wait. Its like Christmas.


Hillary said...

What an awesome surprise - that would be sooo hard not to tell!

Sarah said...

AWE! have fun with "Mrs. Ancy" =) as Cate would say!

Jason said...

Hands down favorite pic in a long time "Can you spy Baylie"! That was hilarious, just her little head poking out. That place looks awesome, I want to climb on the big trains!!!

Sarah said...

Brooke, I am subbing in RS this Sunday too! I haven't really started preparing but I really need to. Hope we do well!

Beth said...

I will go to the Getty with you!!! Let's plan it!

Lindsey said...

Great pictures! You guys have been doing all kinds of fun things. Good job getting up early! So fun for Mom!

Tanya said...

that will be a super fun surprise, and that trampoline IS pretty cool!!

Maria said...

Silly lady! Thanks for coming to the party and bringing all of your cute girls!

embot said...

yay! fun fun pics. i miss maria. say hi to your mom and let's play again soon! and IM SERIOUS about the getty, too! let's do it.