Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Mom's Visit

Darby in her corner coloring. I know this sounds funny 'the in the corner' part, but she loves to put all her blankets all lined up perfectly and coloring.

Nana got Paisley this push stroller and she loves it.

We are on the last few days of summer. So yesterday they stayed extra long in their pjs and they played in Luke's bed and made a fort. This is a very rare thing that the girls are allowed in there so they loved it. Thanks Luke for being so nice to your sisters!

The weather has been so nice, we went to the park. Baylie is blue eyed like her Nana!

I stole this picture from my mom's camera because I thought Jason looked cute. Just to clarify, while we are so thrilled to have grass that we can't step on for three weeks, Jason still will be tending this Saturdays working on 'the backyard' cause its not finished yet. But the grass was a big hurdle.

From my mom's camera. Darby and Ashlynn. Don't you think its funny they wore almost exactly the same thing?

These are from the Skirball, Noahs' know the one wear they think the whole earth flooded on a lark.

Me, Tina, Amber and numerous children who belong to us (one in womb, but not me) We sometimes get weird comments from strangers when we are together, one time this guy thought we were a preschool.

Luke the soon to be second grader tomorrow.

All four of my kids on the swings. that doesn't happen very often.

My kids were big fans of Nana doing the under dog on the swings.

Sunday going to church.

Nana has officially left. We had lots of fun. Paisley loved her. She got to see the kids swim lessons. She played Nana Nurse to my hurt kids. She cleaned up the huge mess in my bathroom when Baylie dumped out the entire bottle of baby powder. My house got cleaner.

We went to Souplantation. The kids were perfect in Souplantation. Love that place that all the boys in my family hate.

Jason and I got to go on a date (don't go see Dinner with Schmucks, we walked out of it, too smutty) and went mini golf and rode go carts.

We ate yummy food and had mom's roast and hot fudge sauce (not together). We played the Wii and watched lots of movies. We played Farkle. She brought me old People magazines (Lo and Court, you know about that!). We saw Step Up 3 on opening nite, which means I have seen all those movies with members of my family which is the best way to see them (Lindsey and Court, I will be with you in spirit :). I mock and love those movies at the same time, and then hurry and buy the soundtracks.

My kids loved sneaking into her room first thing in the morning while she was getting ready, just like what I used to do when I was a kid.

We painted nails (not Luke). Darby said she liked going shopping with her. My kids didn't want her to leave and neither did I, but glad school is starting tomorrow to distract us from her being gone. We are glad to be going to Bama in October.


Renee said...

My mom just left too. I am literally in tears. I love the help and all the fun we have. As I'm sure you do too. We don't have school but I guess I have packing and a move in two weeks to distract us.

Amber said...

Oh yay! I thought you weren't gonna get to go to Alabama this year. Glad you are able. HOORAY!

Tanya said...

so fun!! I love all the pictures, maybe like my mom you could one day convince her to move here ;D ...(Tell her Tanya's mom is doing it, everyone is doing it, maybe peer pressure still works)

jana said...

Now I miss your mom! send her this way :) I can't believe you guys are starting school already. Good Luck.

Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures! I had such a great time and miss you too! Can't wait to see you in October!

brandon said...

crazy your bebe with stroller

brenda said...

Mom visits are always the BEST! Your kids start school early! I am sending Em to a 2 day 1/2 day preschool this Sept. I will finally get some one on one time with Ben! Good luck with their first day - can't wait to see the pics!

Sarah said...

that is hilarious that someone thought you were a preschool class! See you in OCT. =) I think the last time i saw you, Luke was just a baby! Whenever one of you girls come home the kids and Cate play together.